The Winning Way 2.0

April 26, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Winning is always something everyone has always craved for. No one in the world wants to lose in any manner. Winning Way 2.0 by Harsha and Anita Bhogle is one such book that emphasizes on learning from sports for the managers.

“To lose is not a crime, to not offer 100 percent is.” These words from the book exactly summarize the kind of parallel paradigm the books run on and teaches some quintessential lessons to every one of us struggling in our lives to make it better. Below are some of the key lessons we stocked out from the book for our readers in this blog.

  • Learning while Losing

Failure is an invaluable teacher. Being unsuccessful in something does not mean the end of the world. One should embrace failure and should take away learning form it to come back stronger and more prepared and be sure to taste success.

  • Learn to anticipate risks

The book teaches us one very crucial aspect of tackling any obstacles in our life and that is anticipating the risks involved in any particular process. Anticipating risks allows one to prepare themselves for the challenges to come and avoid failures consequently. It also makes one aware of their vulnerabilities and of certain situations where one is fallible.

  • Turning things around

Turning adverse situations around in one of the most important and crucial ability of an individual that helps him in steering his ship to favorable conditions in storms. One should focus on stretching the time period of happiness and prosperity but should also be honest with him and stick to the basics when the things go south.

  • Explore the positive side of the mistakes

Mistakes are unarguably one of the best teachers of life. No one likes to commit mistakes in their lives. Although, one should realize that mistakes are the most efficient teacher who are capable of teaching us the most untouched and unexplored lessons of our lives. Hence, instead of cribbing over our mistakes, one should try to explore the positive side of theirs.

  • Leaders and their responsibilities

Leaders play a very important role in leading a team and guiding them with precise and accurate commands towards the target. It is the very job of the leader to be open to suggestions and should motivate and encourage the team members to actively participate in the team meetings and pitch in their feedbacks for better procurements and processes.

  • Values and Principles

Values and principles act as guides and references that help the leadership in building the core of the organization and make the ship sail on it. Values and principles are the fundamental requisitions of any team that keeps the team members on their path towards the collective goal and motivates them to stick to ethics and fair play.

  • Realize the true meaning of Winning

Winning is not always about achieving our goals and reaching the desired numbers. Sometimes winning is also about committing mistakes and learning from them and subsequently become wiser and stronger while still being in pursuit of our goals.

 Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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