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April 24, 2018by Faber Infinite0

With competition increasing in the 21st century, our life has now become more and more hectic. Many people in today’s corporate and industrial world now face the problem of a hectic lifestyle and find it difficult to efficiently manage their time which consequently affects them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Investing long hours in work is neither the solution nor an effective way to counter the increasing workload. One must understand that time is a finite resource and will eventually run out. However, energy is a completely different aspect of the story. Leadership in the organizations need to realize this and should invest more in the labor force rather than investing to get more from the workforce. Keeping the team members motivated and encouraging them to be involved in the work processes will not only bring efficiency but will also play a very crucial factor in the work management.

Establishing a disciplined daily routine is a key factor that will help the organizations and the employees in keeping the energy level at the brim and working with better focus to get optimum results. These rituals will not only reenergize them but will also help them in bonding with each other as well as customers ultimately adding to their satisfaction making them content and happy in their lives.

Physical Fitness

Inadequate and improper diet and nutrition and lack of exercise are likely to diminish the physical energy of an individual and furthermore restrict him from focusing on other energies as well. Having a high metabolic and physical energy is very quintessential in achieving the desired. Establishing and carving out a daily routine to increase the physical energy in a very vital counterproductive measure to keep the energy levels of team members at the brim. Now, the question here arises is what to do and what not to do in order to re-energize oneself physically? The answer to the question is simple. Proper nutrition, exercise and intermittent breaks from the work are some of the crucial parts of a disciplined daily routine in order to increase the physical energy of an individual.

Emotional Quotient

Emotional energy is the driver asset for all of the energy banks of an individual. One must be aware of his emotions and should be able to figure out how he feels in certain situations. It is a very obvious and known fact that people tend to perform best when they are filled with positive energy. The main question here is how to stretch the time period when we are filled with positivity and how to keep ourselves abreast against all odds. It is very important for an individual to take considerable intermittent breaks and become more capable physiologically to avoid friction in their relationships as well be more aware of what to say at what time. In this way, people must learn to cultivate positive energy and drive on it to get profound and crucial changes.

Mental Health

Mental energy helps one in channeling all of the energy of an individual and focuses it in a proper and efficient manner to get the desired results. One must understand that in today’s world, there is no place for distractions and any kind distraction will prove to be very costly in the course of time.

Furthermore, this has to be realized by the leadership that multitasking is a myth and should encourage more employees to focus on one task at a time to get the task optimized for better results. Focusing on tasks that have a more long-term benefit and could lever the work process in the longer run is another efficient method to channelize your mental energy for greener and stronger results.

Spiritual Energy

Human spirit’s energy is one of the most underrated aspects of this paradigm. It is important to address the above three paradigms of energy, but at the same time, it is also important to look into the spiritual energy of an individual. It defines the energy of meaning and its purpose. Focusing on improving the spiritual energy of an individual will collectively add up to the above three and will have a more concrete and permanent impact.

In order to be able to explore the energy of the human spirit, one should be able to prioritize his stuff and should work accordingly. One should be able to get to the core in order to bring out the best of him through these rituals.

Energy is more prevalent than time and should be given that importance. Today, everyone wants to get the best of each other and the same is followed by the organizations and its employees as well. However, in order to give the best and get the best, one should start focusing on being more energy inclined rather than time.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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