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Training to Adapt Evolution

  • By faber
  • January 12, 2018

Employees are the fuel of an organization, and a fine and more efficient fuel is the key to keep the company on the run with its competitors. And to make these employees more efficient, training and educating them about the latest developments and techniques is the key. Faber Infinite Creative Solutions catalogues a broad range of trainings that can be utilized by the organizations across sectors in this modern era of the competitive and demanding workforce.

Below are some of the flashes of a training workshop conducted by Faber Infinite at Bombardier, world’s leading manufacturer of airplanes and trains. The workshop was conducted and headed by Mr. Abhishek Pandey. It was the second part of a workshop that Faber organized at Bombardier. The entire two-day session focused on ‘Lean Foundations and Lean in software development’. The two-day training was a combination of interactive tutorials, group work, simulation games, group exercises which helped the participants in experiential learning.

Objective of the training session:

  • To understand the concepts of lean foundations and the importance of lean in software development.
  • Understanding the principles of lean software development
  • Increase preciseness in deciding objectivity and delivering that as fast as possible.
  • Amplify the learning process
  • Clear the mind to see the holistic picture and build integrity.


The workshop enlightened the budding and young minds of the organization. The aura of the entire workshop had a very different illumination because of the high energy of these young leaders. The sessions included interactive tutorials, group work, simulation games, group exercises which helped the participants in experiential learning.

Faber Infinite team received a very positive feedback after organizing the entire event. The trainees were very happy and felt more confident at the end of the session. Some of the reviews received by the team about the entire workshop are as follows:

  • I loved the learning process and how it was incorporated with fun to help us remember the topics much more efficiently and effectively.
  • The training was effective because of its interactive nature and the examples that were given in relevance to the topic. The activities were fun as well.
  • The theoretical presentations were backed up by appropriate activities and videos. It is very unlikely to see such thorough homework in other training sessions.
  • Introduction of games in between the training sessions helps us a lot in relaxing and absorbing the presentations in an efficient way. Also, the games were quite fun and were relative to the training workshop.
  • We got to learn about Lean management and software development in a very effective manner. The training faculty made the session quite interactive by conducting games and keeping the sessions interactive.


With the evolution of technology, competition has become cut-throat in this modern world. Companies are in need to train their employees and the workforce for a better and profitable output. Faber Infinite Creative Solutions have helped many clients in this paradigm and modules enriching training sessions for increased output and sustainable development.

Written and Compiled by Faber Kishlay Krishna and Faber Mayuri Pandya