The Story Behind Faber Infinite

“What is Faber Infinite?”, “What is a meaning of Faber?”, “Why Faber Infinite Creative Solutions?” these are very common question I face every time I meet new people. On behalf of my team, I am tempted to share with you story behind the company name and thinking process behind the name “Faber Infinite”.

As a team, we always dreamt of creating value for our clients, stake holders and the community around us. We are always passionate about crafting culture that fosters transformation and innovations. The craftsmen inside us was growing larger than us, and then we decided to set up this endeavor, we were sure that the name should highlight our emotions.

After lot of deliberation “Faber” was finalized, which meant craftsman in Latin.

Of course, we engage in creating sustainable transformation infrastructures for organizations by actually making solutions work at real places than just providing customized solutions in the board rooms. The solution should not only work once but client should be expert to make it work on sustainable basis. Everything should “Just Work”. That’s the simple philosophy which we follow.

And there are infinite opportunities to continue on the transformation journey; one has to fuel the creative self. So we needed something which reflects all these elements.

Hence, came up “Infinite Creative Solutions”. And, Faber + Infinite = Faber Infinite was born!

Everyone likes the name; every time it generates curiosity in the minds and each time we stand up to our name! We are proud to be Faber Infinite.

Founding Partner & Director

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