Workshop on Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a cross-functional approach to manage the movement of material in and out of the organisation towards the end-consumer. In today’s highly competitive environment and in these uncertain times, to survive organizations must implement world-class practices. Part of this process is to get the “fat” out of your supply chain, because in today’s world, ‘Organisations don’t compete, supply chains do’.

Faber Infinite along with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) ( conducted training workshop on ‘Supply Chain Management – Competitive Advantage to Improve Service Levels While Driving Down Costs’ on 17th April 2014 in Vadodara, India. The objective of the intensive sessions was to facilitate understanding of best practices toward achieving effective supply chain management with thorough understanding of Bull Whip Effect.

The industry experts from Faber Infinite trained more than 20 participants on details of logistics and supply chain management.


It was an experiential learning with combination of live case studies from the industry, group-work along with the classroom sessions. The workshop gave emphasis to traditional core issues as well as modern best practices in supply chain management.

scm3Beer Distribution Game

The participants appreciated sound understanding of core issues such as process management, inventory management, and supply chain integration by end of the session. The program was very well received by all the participants from varied industry domains. To learn more about the supply chain management program and similar other programs, feel free to reach us on

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