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3 Tips to Improve Manager Effectiveness

  • By faber
  • August 23, 2022

The importance of having the most capable leaders within the organization cannot be overstated. Effective leadership boosts internal metrics like retaining employees as well as financial performance.

No matter who a person is or what they do for the company, those who intentionally build trust show that they are the most effective leaders. They pay attention to the following:

  • Collaborating in teams such as obtaining input from the team members and engaging them in decision-making that has an impact on them.
  • Applauding staff members, especially when highlighting their achievements and assisting them in advancing their careers.
  • Also by demonstrating that leaders are capable, sincere, and trustworthy.


So how does your company develop leaders like this?

1. Determine the key traits of excellent managers in your organization:
  • Although the majority of businesses share some characteristics of effective managers, the real observations come from identifying the distinctive behaviours that most closely match your organization’s mission, culture, customer needs, and strategic goals.
  • Start by identifying the managers within your organization who cultivate strong bonds of trust. The reality, in this case, can be found in employee survey data. Interview these managers and find out “how” they accomplished their goals.
  • Utilize this knowledge to pinpoint three to five behaviours that foster a positive workplace culture and promote them throughout your organization.


2. To develop trust:

When people respect their leaders, they will follow them. You can instil trust in your leadership in three ways:

  • Make sure your people are prepared for success by acting with respect. Give them the tools and encouragement they need to do their jobs.
  • Make the right decisions. This is essential to establishing confidence in the efficiency of your management, particularly when it comes to decision-making regarding promotions and about individuals who are different from you.
  • Build credibility: If you mention a project or learning opportunity, follow through on your promise to your employee.


3. Be a genuine team player:

Develop new ideas and co-create plans with your team. This does not imply reaching an agreement or making decisions in a group. We’re talking about genuine participation and teamwork.

  • Engaging your team in choices that have an impact on them. Before making decisions, such as relocating to a different commercial space and actually discussing any reservations they may have about the change, get their feedback.
  • Asking staff members their thoughts on the next issue you’re attempting to solve, having regular one-on-one meetings and casual conversations during staff meals and out-of-office coffee breaks, etc.

Thus, you can make your staff members feel valued and included as a result of your effective management techniques, which will motivate them to perform at their highest levels.


Written & Compiled by Faber Aleena

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