Why Leadership is critical to Change Management?

August 16, 2022by Faber Infinite

Companies have gone out of business due to change, whether it was anticipated or not, while others have emerged stronger. Even the popular brands like Kodak, Atari, Blockbuster, Netscape, and Nokia dipped their businesses as they refused the latest technological changes and continued using outdated business methods. Businesses cannot rebrand to meet the market’s needs in the present or in the future if they say, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Change management is therefore a skill that is frequently discussed in businesses.

All organizational levels need to engage in change management. Top executives set the tone for the organization, but middle managers, front-line leaders, and team leaders all play crucial roles.

The following three actions can be taken by leaders to enable organizational change during any unforeseen events like the pandemic.

  1. Start by reflecting:

The greatest leaders are extremely self-aware and guide through contemplation rather than using force. It’s difficult to navigate change, so those who know how to use their influence to make others feel secure make the best leaders. Sometimes, leaders are unaware of their inherent, implied authority, it is crucial to emphasize leadership skills in change management.

  1. Acknowledge the change you are undergoing:

Although it seems straightforward, it can frequently be difficult to recognize your own consciousness of what is happening around you. To perceive the why and how of the event, speak with front-line leadership and keep an eye out for interaction from the management team. Then, take some time to consider the best means of communication and support for your team during the transition.

  1. Be accurate in your communication about the change:

Managers and leaders must be conscious of the language they use when discussing a specific change. Make sure the larger team is aware of what is happening and how their decisions and conversations affect their team members and clients. Inform them of the impending changes and whether they can collaborate with the leaders to successfully navigate the change in a positive way. Tell your teammates how to formally or informally reaffirm the messaging to clients and vendors.

All organizations and individuals must prioritize and take seriously the need for skilled change management. It is a distinctive aspect of the business world, where mergers and acquisitions, or any other organizational changes occur frequently. Your employees, clients, or vendors will have a better overall experience if leaders are ready to lead through change.

Written & compiled by Faber Aleena Thomas]’

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