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3 Ways to Motivate Teams to Give Best

  • By faber
  • March 23, 2021

Good management is essential for the success of the team. Being a good manager is very important because if the people in your team are happy, they are more likely to give their best at work and more importantly perform better and stay longer. To be a good manager, the leader must be interested in the people in the team. You need to communicate with them and you cannot just talk to them, you need to walk the talk. To be an outstanding manager, you need to focus on three things This Transformation Tuesday, let us investigate these three parameters:


A manager needs to make the employees feel safe. They should work without fear of negative consequences. It is the job of the leader to tell the teams to be as they are at work. The leader should share their personal challenges at work and motivate the team members to do the same. The leader should ask the team for constructive feedback and thank them for sharing it. Have regular one-on-one discussions with the teams where they can share their personal experiences.


 Managers need to prioritize communication well and often. They need to communicate often with teams. Make regular communication with your team and make sure that there is transparency between members by providing regular feedback and requesting it in return as well. Ask team members about their preferred means of communication. Managers need to communicate better to get the best out of their teams.

Commitment and Inspiration

Managers need to create a safe place for the employees so that they work well and perform well. Managers need to give them opportunities such that all their core values and skills are aligned and utilized. Once managers provide them with such a supportive environment, then they will automatically work on engagement and motivation and thus present their career vision to the manager. Managers should also ask them to refer to the projects that suit their aspirations and their skill set. If possible, they should be allowed to take responsibility and climb up the ladder.

Motivating team members is not easy, especially in these different times. But by considering the above mentioned 3 pointers and creating a safe environment, maintaining communication, and working on their engagement levels will give them the best possible chance to succeed

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri