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4 Key Breakthroughs from the Projects in the Last FY

  • By jahnvis
  • August 23, 2023

In the past fiscal year, team Faber had the privilege of working with some of the top industries from various sectors. Through our collaborations with leading companies, we delivered breakthrough results in their specific areas of improvement and witnessed a quantum leap. We will delve into the key highlights from our projects in the last fiscal year, focusing on the sugar industry, energy transmission industry, automotive industry, and plastic films industry. These insights showcase the tangible benefits that our expertise and interventions have brought to these sectors. 


Sugar Industry: 

We had the opportunity to work with one of the largest sugar manufacturing companies. Our primary focus was on manpower productivity improvement and daily work management. By implementing targeted strategies and tools, we achieved outstanding outcomes. Notable results included a 9% reduction in manpower costs, a 5% improvement in profitability, and a remarkable 14% increase in productivity. These improvements not only enhanced the company’s operational efficiency but also contributed to its overall growth and success. 


Energy Transmission Industry: 

Our engagement with a prominent power transmission cable manufacturing industry in India engaged us to address critical areas for improvement. We focused on production throughput improvement, reducing equipment and mould breakdowns, minimizing changeover time, and streamlining daily work management. The results were exceptional, with a 10% reduction in costs, a significant 9% improvement in profitability of the said value stream, an impressive 18% increase in revenue, a 14% improvement in equipment uptime, and an outstanding 23% boost in productivity. These outcomes reinforced the industry’s position as a leader in its field and further optimized its operations. 


Automotive Industry: 

Team Faber Infinite was invited to work with one of the top global automotive industries, wherein the focus was on inventory optimization. By implementing effective strategies and processes, we delivered substantial benefits. These included a remarkable 23% improvement in cash flow, a 25% reduction in lead time, and an impressive 49% reduction in inventories. These outcomes not only enhanced the company’s financial health but also enabled better inventory management, contributing to improved overall performance and customer satisfaction. 


Plastic Films Industry: 

We were engaged to work with one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers of high-quality, durable, and highly tensile polyester films internationally. Our collaboration with this industry focused on production planning process improvement and integrating the same with the existing ERP, a powerful technique for identifying process improvements and streamlining operations. Through this intervention, we achieved significant outcomes which included a notable 14% reduction in manpower, a remarkable 50% reduction in lead time, a 25% improvement in manpower productivity, and an exceptional 50% improvement in departmental performance. These results not only enhance efficiency but also contributed to cost savings and overall operational excellence. 


The breakthroughs from our projects in the last fiscal year across various industries demonstrate the transformative impact of our interventions. From the food industry to energy transmission, automotive, and plastics sector; we have witnessed remarkable improvements in cost reduction, profitability, productivity, inventory optimization, and operational efficiency. Our engagements have empowered companies to achieve significant outcomes, contributing to their growth and success.  

As we move forward, Faber remains committed to delivering impactful solutions and driving excellence in various industries, making a tangible difference in their operations and overall performance.

The key takeaways from these projects extend beyond specific industries. They underline the importance of tailored strategies, data-driven decision-making, and the continuous pursuit of operational excellence as the cornerstones for sustained growth and success. Embracing these lessons empowers organizations to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.