4 things Every Business should focus on to be Successful

June 9, 2020by Faber Infinite

What is it that you focus on first thing in the morning? What do you focus on when you come to work? As you are looking at your daily calendar what do you focus on? When you are looking at your weekly calendar, what do you focus on? Because whatever is your focus, decides how you feel, how you react, how you utilize your time, what you pay attention to, etc. Everything in life is driven by focus.

For example, if you choose to find something wrong in what someone is working on, you will end up finding mistakes. If you focus on something right that someone is doing, then you will find it. If you focus on looking at the losses in the past, you will miss planning for the future. Everything is driven by focus. As a business owner what you decide to focus on decides the outcome. Hence you should always focus on positive things to get optimal results. Below are a few things that a business owner or entrepreneur should focus on every week:

  • Getting More Revenue

The number one issue that all business owners should focus on is getting more revenue. Everything else is secondary. Since focus determines everything about the business, the primary focus should be getting more revenue. Once you deliberately choose to focus on driving the top line revenue every week, it will make a big difference to your business.

  • Improve Bottom Line

Along with the top line what is equally important is the bottom-line –  profitability. In the end, what is important is profitability and not sales. What matters is what is left after everything else is paid off. It is not either/or situation. Both sales and profits are equally important. Your focus should be to get a lot of sales and then the next focus should be to generate the right net profit. So, the focus should be to drive sales and improve profitability.

  • Build Capability / Capacity

When we say capacity it can be manpower availability, it can be the skill set of the available manpower, it can be technology, it can be availability of the required equipment, it can availability of the leadership team, etc. It is the ability of the organization to scale as per requirements. So, business owners should work towards making their business scalable and towards creating additional capacity before it is required.

  • Improve Team Performance

As a business owner, you should always work towards hiring the best resource. But it does not stop at hiring the best people but at the same time, you need to get the best out of the people whom you recruit. All the team members have more potential then what they present so the focus should be on improving the team’s performance. The better your team performs better is the utilization of the capacity. So, push your team to do the best.

If you want to build a more scalable and successful business, these are the four things you need to focus on – sales growth, profits, capacity, and team performance. If you focus on these four pillars week on week, then you will succeed. Focus on these four pillars for accelerated and sustainable growth and success. 

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

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