4 Ways to Empower Teams

June 8, 2021by Faber Infinite

A good leader should always empower teams and allow them to find solutions to everyday problems. Teams should not come to the manager for every single bump. This Transformation Tuesday, let us look at how leaders or managers, facilitate to make their team members independent. This is very important when the teams are working remotely. There will be endless chats otherwise. Leaders should start by analyzing the problem Leader or manager should understand why the team member needs inputs. Let us look at 4 key factors that the leader or manager should work on to empower their teams so that leaders can become more productive.

Emphasize attention to details

Make it clear, that yes you will be available when the team needs you. But that does not mean that the team member keeps disrupting unpredictably. Though the organization may be promoting an open-door policy, that does not mean anybody can disturb anyone at any point in time. Open door means you are easily accessible but not necessarily available. So, leaders should encourage teams to practice attention management. This means close email clients during, put mobile phones on silent, put the chat tools to do not disturb, while in meetings. Everyone in the team should follow this so that we do not have to go back and disturb the managers.

Promote self-confidence in the teams

Make the teams clear about their roles and responsibilities. Let them know what work they are supposed to do, what decisions they can take, and the general limits of their power or authority. Promote them to find solutions to their day-to-day problems on their own. Show them that you trust them and their decisions. This will automatically improve their confidence. Stop micromanaging things and empower the teams to make their own decisions.

Accept tough decisions

If there are members in the team that you do not trust, try to find a reason, why is this happening? Is there any problem with the skill set of the employees? Do they need more training? Do they need more time to get used to the organization?

Sometimes, it may happen that the employee is not a fit for the organization. If that is the case, help the employee to find a role that suits his skillset in the organization or help them find a new job. It will help you improve your organization’s status as a good place to work.

Let them make mistakes

 Always remember to appreciate your team members n public forum and correct them in private. This will promote growth. Speak to team members when they make mistakes. Tell them making mistakes is acceptable. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn. This will make them more accountable for their work be it good or bad.

Implement these four means, to reduce interruptions from your employees so that you can focus on strategic decisions and thus make the organization more productive and profitable. It will also inspire faith, originality, and innovation in the teams. So, promote your team to work independently and improve as a leader and contribute to the success of the organization.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

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