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7 key ingredients required for a sustainable transformation journey

  • By faber
  • June 7, 2016

There has been a tremendous change in the way organization work owing to the technological changes and market dynamics. It becomes essential that the people, process, organization and other dimensions are required to align with the business goals. Changing organization systems, human behaviour, and culture takes time and requires persistent efforts. Primarily, driven by the top management and it is absolutely essential to be followed by several behaviour assessments to gauge the current standpoint and focused efforts by the team.

7 key ingredients required for a sustainable transformation journey:

  • Aligning the transformation to business goals: It is indispensable to follow an appropriate organisational change management plan focused towards larger vision in mind. It requires the acclimatization of people to destination and their roles in the journey so it becomes easier to adapt to new attitudes and behaviours.
  •  Keeping  a strategic approach: Operational and tactical supervising of the organizational transformation journey with the help of a strategic approach is crucial to implement new ideas and initiatives. It is necessary to map the bigger picture for understanding the flow of transition from the present state to that of future.
  •  Learnings from the past: It’s impossible to anticipate every change or obstacle the business will face, because in today’s dynamic environment choices tend to change quite frequently. However, it might come handy for organisations to study past trends (like seasonal/ cyclic effects, shortcomings, etc.) and be prepared in advance.
  • Framework for Transformation: Designing a robust framework requires in depth analysis as well as detailed picture to understand the implications of transformation execution. Customers are clearly the most important stakeholder for any organization, and it is essential to design the framework according to the requirements.
  • Feedback oriented action loop: To ensure efficacy of strategy and execution plan, implementation in pilot phases and seeking feedback is helpful, before deploying it across the organization. This would provide deep insights about the challenges and functioning. The importance of feedback is to priortise the consumers and employees by engaging in interactive discussion.
  • Anxiety redressal: Equipping the transformation agents with right skills and resources addresses deterrents like anxiety and frustration in the team. It is the anxiety which is real cause for resistance to any new concept or change. Skills and resources may refer to the elements like training on tools/ concepts and pre-allocation of resources, etc.
  •  Motivate the players: Having the correct incentive for the key contributors in the journey, is another necessary aspect for the transformation sustenance. Linking the organizational goals to the individual performance and aspirations is real driver to overcome the resistance. Better the understanding and fit, more are the chances of successful transformation!