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Five Actionable Points to build Productive Organizations

  • By faber
  • June 14, 2016

For each and every business setup the importance of organising is crucial because as quoted by Benjamin Franklin, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” The most powerful trait of a successful business setup is proper organisation to increase the productivity. The only way to accomplish things in a better way is by finding ways to make the most out of the precious time.

Below are five actionable points to build productive organisations:

  • Harnessing time: In any business environment, it is quite essential to identify the amount of work done twice, so that it can be eliminated to increase the productive efficiency of the business organization. It doesn’t mean that mistakes should not be corrected because in a working environment there could be lot of double work, but it is necessary to address the number of unnecessary activities occurring.

  • To design a plan of work for daily activities: The most brilliant activity done by productive people is to plan the activities. They create a proper plan of work required to guide them. It ensures the amount of productivity you will be able to serve the organization. This consists of three important steps pre-planning the calendar of work followed by working it out, which also requires the negation of one of the worst habits called Procrastination.

  • Break the monotony: Assigning the same set of work to the employee, not only strengthens his/her skills but on the contrary it also becomes dull and drab in due course of time. So, it is necessary to break the monotony by rotation of people in different departments and assigning people new tasks and exposure to other divisions. This adds to their learning and helps them get a holistic view of the business.

  • Refuse if necessary: When there are already a lot of commitments in place, you should have the ability to say no. This shows your seriousness and dedication towards existing commitments and also gives the opportunity to successfully complete them. The more difficulty a person faces in saying no, the more likely he/she will experience stress, burnout, and even depression.

  • Continuous Improvement: Conducting meetings and discussions regarding current trends helps in expanding the horizon of understanding and helps to discover a new path to achieve remarkable results. It helps individuals to commit themselves in improving their knowledge and understanding throughout their careers also, employees are delighted when they can enhance their skills and get additional learning opportunities.