7 QC (Quality Control) Tools for Process Improvement

September 28, 2018by Faber Infinite

Quality is one of the major concerns both for the manufacturer as well as for the consumer. Everything ranging from sales and growth is related to the quality of the product that is served to the consumer. Quality Control (QC) is one of the major aspects of the various processes involved in manufacturing that facilitates the organization in improving the quality of the product and standardize it across all platforms.

Team Faber Infinite was invited by the Auto Industry at Indore Management Association to conduct a power packed workshop on ‘7 QC tools for Auto Industry’. It was a huge hit with more than 30 participants from various organizations like Mahle group and others.

About the 7 QC (Quality Control) tools

The seven QC tools is a designation given to a fixed set of graphical techniques identified as being most helpful in troubleshooting issues related to quality. The application of these tools is very easy and a large number of problems can be solved effectively. These quality products satisfy customer needs and improve the productivity.

About the workshop

The workshop was focused on bringing awareness about the 7 QC tools and their benefits with which organizations in the auto industry can thrust their production process and achieve excellence and continual improvement and sustainable development.

  • Objectives of the workshop
  1. To understand the 7 basic tools for quality and process improvement
  2. To learn how to apply the 7 basic tools of quality to problem-solving or daily work
  • Workshop coverage

The workshop covered various aspects of the 7  QC tools that will drive quality improvement and production processes of the organizations. Elements like Quality Principles, Quality & Statistics and Fundamentals, Applications of 7 QC tools were covered effectively in the workshop. Leaders from Quality and Production function attended the workshop

  • Key benefits for the participants

The key takeaways of the workshop are as follows –

  1. Use of 7 QC tools to resolve quality related problems
  2. Quality related issues can be revealed more effectively using the 7 QC tools
  3. Perception of benefits that will be derived using the 7 QC tools
  4. How 7 QC tools can be used to discern productivity issues and enhance opportunities
  5. Practical understanding about how to increase profitability using the 7 QC tools
  6. Practical understanding of how to improve customer satisfaction using the 7 QC tools
  • Outcomes of the workshop
  1. Through this workshop, participants learnt about how to use these Quality Control tools in their daily work or as a part of the structured Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach for the problem-solving methods.
  2. Team Faber Infinite has been helping organizations through workshops like these.  This workshop has helped organizations in providing the necessary information to the employees about the various tools and techniques that add value to the products and services of the organization and improve their profitability. Team Faber Infinite has been conducting such highly impactful workshops on the regular basis at various client sites and in association with industry organizations to support the industry and help the clients in achieving something which we believe in – Excellence. For more information about such workshops or other training programs, contact us at [email protected]

Quality Control Tools
7 QC (Quality Control) Tools


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