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September 28, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Its the team members and their passion, which truly makes Faber Infinite Consulting a diverse and unique place to work. We have some amazing people with many backgrounds and different personalities, who have a real passion for what they do.

Today we will be talking to Ms. Nirali Chauhan, who is a Functional Analyst for the technology vertical at Faber Infinite Consulting. Nirali is experienced and skilled in HR solutions, employee training, skill gap analysis, problem-solving techniques, data analysis and research. She is always ready for new challenges and explores new tasks. Below is an excerpt of our conversation with her.

Faber Infinite (FI): What is your role at Faber Infinite?

Nirali Chauhan (NC): I work as a functional analyst at Faber Infinite for the technology vertical of the organization i.e. Prizma. With the digitalization and digital revolution, everything has now come into the context of technology. We support clients with technology platforms for Skill Analysis – Performance Management. My role here is as a functional expert is enhancing these tools – understanding client requirements and delivering it with robust technology enabled solutions. Currently, I am working on tool that bridges the gap between expected skills and the current skills of the employees. I look over the designing and content of the software, product testing and then execution of the same.

FI: What three words would you use to describe your role?

NC: If I were to describe my job in three words, they would be Eagerness, Involvement and Innovation. These words just don’t describe my current role here but are related to everything one does, be it personal or professional.

FI: What does a typical day look like for you at Faber?

NC: I am a person who always looks for change, challenges, and creativity and that is applicable to my work as well. Building a software requires a lot of innovation and thinking. So my day at Faber is full of innovation and challenges and I enjoy it to the fullest.

FI: What is the most rewarding thing about your job? What makes it all worthwhile?

NC: I would say that if your clients are satisfied, you are at the top of the world. It makes you more satisfied and content. Moreover, the management here is very appreciative and supportive. They listen to you and take in your suggestions.

Looking at my interest in human resource, I was given an opportunity to lead the HR function. This not only helped me to give a holistic view of the organizational functioning but it further sharpened the software development process. The responsibilities of HR lead helped me utilize my full potential. Things like this make it all worth for anyone’s time and efforts and that’s what I feel is the most rewarding part of my job.

FI: Your motto or personal mantra?

NC: I would like to mention two things here. First, “it is ok if things do not work for you”. Things will not always go in your favor and instead of getting depressed about it; one should accept it and work more to get it in your court. The second mantra for me is “speak through your inner self”. Everyone nowadays is affected by the outer world and no one knows what goes inside one’s self. It is very important to let that confident inner self of you speak to the outer world because at the end it will be you and your confidence that will either make it or break it.

FI: What are your biggest professional challenges?

NC: According to me, challenges are the only factor that drives you in thinking forward and helps you in getting the best out of you. As a functional analyst, the biggest challenge I face is making the developers understand the kind of functionality I want from the technology platform. Everyone has a different way of understanding and it really gets challenging at times when I wanted something else and the technology team comes out with different functionalities. This leads to a lot of wastage of time, work and resources. This is something that I feel is challenge and I put my efforts to address it from the root cause – as our lean philosophy talks about doing it Right First Time.

FI: If you could change one thing about working here, what would it be?

NC: To be very honest, I am very happy with the opportunities that Faber Infinite is providing. It is helping me develop my skills and grow at the same time. I am happy with the things just as they are.

FI: How has FICS helped you in your career development?

NC: When I completed my MBA, I started working in the HR domain. But lately, I realized that I had more interest in research and analytics. So I decided to work in analytics and technology domain. Since then, Faber Infinite gave me the opportunities in my career that I was looking for. I have seen exponential growth in my career graph. The journey has just started and I hope to grow and learn more with Faber Infinite in time to come.

FI: What do you like most about Faber Infinite?

NC: Culture! Faber Infinite has a very friendly culture and everyone at the workplace is very friendly and supportive. The management is also very appreciative. They listen to you and your suggestions and always motivate you to voice your opinions. Such kind of environment helps one in growing and becoming more confident and that is something I like the most about Faber Infinite.

FI: Tell us something which we do not know about you

NC: To answer this, I would like to share my funda or modus operandi. I am a very spiritual person and I believe that spirituality helps you in every turn of your life. Talking about spirituality and my professional life, it helps me to keep complete involvement in my work because I believe it is my devotion and dedication towards anything that I do. Second thing, it is my faith in God that gives me enough confidence to challenge the challenges and tackle them effectively and come out to be a winner everywhere, be it my personal or professional life.

Thank you for sharing your views and wishing you good luck for future!

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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