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96 Days to Go – Make them Count !

  • By faber
  • September 26, 2017

New Year comes every year and so do our new year resolutions, but how many times have we stood by those resolutions and fulfilled them?  Have you realized that more than half year has passed by and our new year resolutions are still on the first page of the book or pinned on the pin-boards?

Research says that out of all the population only 8% people succeed in fulfilling their new year resolutions. While as 80% of people forget their resolutions by February.
On reality check, we just realized that only 96 days remain for the year to end, and where are we? But as famous people and their quotes have gone by: “it is never too late than never.” There are proven facts which say that 90 days are enough to restart and achieve maximum momentum.

How can we fulfill our resolutions in the next 96 days, something that we haven’t completed in last more than half a year? Here there are 7 steps that one can do to achieve and live up to the  resolutions:

1. Take one step at a time
We wish to do a lot many things or want to accomplish everything on our resolution lists. It is not always possible to achieve everything, but we can shortlist the things based on priority. According to its importance, we can try to achieve one thing at a time. Rather than trying to climb the ladder quickly, and then slipping, it is better to take one step at a time and achieve one resolution as per our priority.

2. Every act has a reason
Everything that is done in the organization or every decision taken in the organization is done for a reason. In any organization, nothing is done suddenly, it is done to accomplish something, and there are a proper research and reason behind that action. At the same time, when certain decisions were taken don’t give the required results. Find its reason as to why was the decision was taken, and then decide, whether the reason is righteous for the decision, or could there be something else.

3. Know your draw-backs
When a tool fails, or a decision is proved wrong, it doesn’t mean that it is the end, it is a stepping stone of trial and error. At that time, rather than giving up, the organization can come together, and try to analyze the incident, and then accordingly list down the drawbacks form the incident. This will give a clear idea to the employees as to what to pay attention while trying something new, and help the employer to decide criteria before beginning something new.

4. Pull your socks
Pulling up your socks doesn’t mean doing everything hurriedly, it means taking up the responsibility of your own work and duties, and being accountable to be same. This will help everyone in the organization may it be small or big, to know who is responsible for which work, and assign it accordingly, thus systematizing the work.

5. Learn to say ‘NO’
No two individuals in one organization are same, and nor can they work in the same manner. If one can complete all the work quickly it doesn’t mean that the other too is capable of doing it. Just overloading yourself with the work which cannot be completed by you doesn’t make any sense. Rather it is better that we learn to say ‘NO’, and accept only that much work, which you know can be done by you.

6. Get feedback from your employees
The employees always are the better person to get feedback from. They know exactly what sort of changes would be required to help them perform well in the organization, in turn improving the performance of the organization. It is better to take feedback from the employees occasionally.

7. Celebrate your achievement
Every organization keeps achieving a few awards of recognition for their performance. These awards and recognition should be celebrated not just with the top management, but will all the employees, as they are equally involved in bringing this success to the organization. When the achievements are celebrated with everyone, the employees feel acknowledged and in turn, get motivated to perform better.

96 days more to go, pull up your socks to gain maximum momentum in achieving your goals.

Have a Transforming Tuesday!

Written By Faber Ancita Lobo.