Nine Moves to Build a Dream Team !

September 19, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Do you find your employees inefficient at work? Are you planning to provide some form of motivation so that they can be more productive? Planning to give them any form of monetary or non-monetary motivation? But do understand that only monetary motivation cannot be a key factor to improve employee performance and productivity. Rather they would prefer non-monetary motivations such as acknowledgement for their work, appreciation for their efforts, a bit of flexible timings for their work and growth opportunities or prospects in the organization.

Let us look at the fundamental aspects of employee motivation that will help them perform efficiently at their work:

1. Empathise, Empower and Assure Progress
A boss is always a boss no matter where he is. It is easier for a boss to be influential and take decisions, but it is motivating for the employees if at equal intervals the employees are given the chance to take a few decisions. Apart from empowering them to make decisions, a boss should also empathize with his employees. He / She must give them assurance that he is there not just for the growing organization but equally takes responsibility for employee growth. It is encouraging for the employee when the boss guides them and shows them the path that they are progressing on.

2. Praise with Sincerity
The employees don’t wish for huge praises and acknowledgments from their boss. Just a small ‘Thank you’ from them, encourage the employees and boosts their morale. They tend to perform better and efficiently, waiting to receive more small acknowledgments and appreciation from their boss.

3. Build a Community
Building a community just doesn’t mean to build a team for the growth of the business, or for a project, but rather building a family. The team in the organization should be made as a family. Like in any family, when the interactions are done face to face, over a gathering, or lunch. An outing together, or going out for lunch with the employees, act as icebreakers between the employees and the boss.

4. Create an incentive Plan for the Employees
It is better to ask your employees, to choose their own incentive plans. The employees like to be involved in the decisions which are being done for them. So while preparing incentive plans for the employees, it is better if the employees are asked for the type of incentives they wish for, and accordingly, prepare the incentive plan and their criteria for achieving those incentives.

5. Know your employees as person
Every employee is different, both professionally and personally, and so is their behavior. They don’t behave the same at all the places. Every boss will know its employees as the employee of the organization, as their subordinate to achieve the vision of the organization, but the boss should try to know his employee as a human being, try to talk to him as a friend, this will make the employee feel wanted and known to his boss.

6. Provide Flexibility to your employees
An employee feels blessed to be a part of any organization, where the comfort of the employees is thought of. If the organization or the boss provides flexibility to their employees to work at their convenience once in a while, this will not just boost the employees, but also help them to perform more efficiently than the organization expects them to do.

7. Always try to be connected
No matter where the boss is, he should try to stay connected to his employees, in one way or other. In the era of emails and WhatsApp, where staying connected is just a click away, the boss should try to stay connected to his team and employees. This will help the boss to guide his employees on the right path, train his team in the right direction, and help them perform better.

8. Provide prerequisite to the employees
Providing different types of perquisites, like work from home options, helping them to provide time for the work they like, or the giving them the opportunity to choose their own projects as they would like to work upon. This will motivate the employees to perform better, and deliver the necessary results required.

9. Encourage the employee to learn desired skills
Every employee wishes to gain some skills, they desire to achieve some unique skill to make themselves unique. A boss should always try to encourage their employees to achieve what they desire to learn and achieve. This will encourage the employee as this shows that the boss thinks about the growth of the employees as well.

So appreciate your team, connect often with them, empathize, encourage, empower, laugh and perform better with each day!

Thanks and have a Transforming Tuesday.

by Faber Infinite

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