4 Atomic Habits for Massive Growth by James Clear

November 2, 2021by Faber Infinite


This Transformation Tuesday sharing insights from the book, ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear for transforming your journey towards success easy with simple yet powerful methods. The lagging measure of your habits decides the outcome and the time invested in it decides the margin of success and failure. ‘Atomic Habits’ navigates through the ocean of minute details we tend to neglect in our daily routine which in fact have a great impact on our lives for achieving the desired result out of it. 

We always tend to focus on hard unachievable goals which just have a 50% probable chance to reach. But when it comes to easy tasks which have incredible power that can compound growth only by inculcating them in your daily habits. These are habits that are easy to carry out but have big results if followed with persistence. 

According to James Clear, there is a versus concept between Goal and System. The goal is the end of means whereas the System is the means towards the end we must intend to achieve. Therefore, developing such a system that consists of valuable result-oriented practices becomes very important. Atomic Habits provides us the insight to develop those systems which are obvious, easy, attractive, and satisfying. ‘Habits’ are built over days whether it is good or bad, it is a choice we make for ‘who we wish to become’ & ‘what we want to achieve.

It is always advised that habits develop as you repeat the actions for which you are rewarded and avoid the actions for which you are punished. In this compilation of podcasts from successful people around all fields, one common process each followed was building up good habits which kept them motivated throughout the success journey. 

  • Reading:

Make reading a staple habit. It helps to train your brain to process ideas and activities for a successful career. Integrating reading into the daily routine is like taking in nutritious food daily for a healthy lifestyle but with a pinch of new information every single day.

  • Sound sleep:

One of the things people sacrifice in the journey for achieving their goal is ‘Sleep’. It is a very wrong habit as it not only affects the health but also restrain one’s capacity to think and impact in decision making which for any business is bad to have. Businesses cannot afford bad decision-makers. No matter how hard effort you put into your work, all of it will be wasted if you can’t think straight and continue making mistakes by taking wrong decisions. Thus, getting a good amount of sleep is a most needed habit for all those who are set to sail their ship for a successful journey.

  • Money Management:

To be successful you must grow the habit of a balanced flow of money and avoid going broke such that you are able to overcome every hurdle with minimum risks. Each day should be an investment for the future only when you develop the habit of money management in the initial stage. Top entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, David Klein are excellent examples to learn money management skills. 

  • Prioritize the task list:

Develop a habit to work on high work value tasks by which one can learn to deliver the best possible result for moving forward towards the set goals. The only difference between successful people and others is the quality of work they do. Both work the same number of hours but one achieves success and the other does not, the reason is they refuse to get stuck up on low-key tasks and force themselves to grow with the quality of high-value tasks they prioritize to work upon.

Thus, paying attention to ‘atomic habits’ for a long period of time always leads to the best outcomes. As Aristotle quoted, ‘Good habits formed at youth make all the difference’ to build for a future with surety of success. Quality habits and adhering to them is the simple but effective formula for reaching the goal you aimed for.

Written By Faber Aleena Thomas And Compiled By Faber Mayuri Pandya

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by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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