India Vs Pak: Play The FABER WAY

November 8, 2021by Faber Infinite

Have you ever wondered if having proper plans can really bring you expected results? Can failure be the milestone for a historic victory? Whether it is cricket or business, every player and businessperson inherits the need to win. Learning from the failures and constantly following the process are two important lessons we get to learn from India vs Pakistan Match.

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup is a perfect answer for all your doubts and wrong methods which often lead to losing the battle. The fact that Pakistan’s victory is not just a historic win but a management lesson for the struggling entrepreneurs who are about to quit due to constant failure or unforeseen methods for achieving desired results.

Management take-away from India Pak Match which can deliver outstanding results for the management of your business are:
1. Team effort
2. Following the Process
3. Taking opportunities
4. Sustenance

Here’s How PLANNED VICTORY can be achieved!

1. Team effort: Equal involvement and determination of each team member to reach the goal become very important as human behavior is formulated by the surrounding. Our social environment should always motivate us to push forward every single time we fail. It can only be created if the people around you are of equal energy to put in such a level of excitement throughout the process of work. We can indeed say that Pakistan’s win was a team effort as both their batting as well as bowling lines played their part with great determination and worked as a team to make the win worth celebrating.

2. Following the process: There’s no simple formula other than ‘having a well-researched planning’ to succeed in life. Every battle won will have a massive amount of planning behind it. Having a good plan requires strict enforcement to reach the goal. 80% of the results can be achieved by simply following the process as planned. It is said that half of the battle is won if the process is followed thoroughly to solve every stumbling block coming towards you.

3. Taking opportunities: It’s a mind game, no challenge in it. Opportunities will not come knocking on your doors when you want them. You have to find them and start working on their way as you go along. Every problem is an opportunity in a business that can either be turned into profit or a strong arm to do things in a better way. India-Pak T20 showed it best when the Pak team scored for every bad ball and did justice to good ones. That’s how ‘taking opportunity’ looks like.

4. Sustenance: Doing as planned and keep doing it is what Sustenance is all about. You cannot achieve your goals in a single day. Working hard on the parameters that have a high probability of success is the key to overcoming failure and paving the path for victory. Strategically formulated plans never fail and always help to reach a certain level where confidence is built automatically. Businesses can automatically work for sustenance once the proper strategy is followed and provide a path for the growth of any business.

Whether it is a cricket match or a struggling business, overcoming the possibility of losing is a must. Faber Infinite Consulting extends its service to turn any losing game into a victorious one with the formula of Organizational Transformation Framework. Shaking hands with Faber Infinite is the first step any struggling entrepreneurs or industries have to do to land on the path of success.

Written By Faber Aleena Thomas And Compiled By Faber Mayuri Pandya

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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