Be patient – Success does not happen overnight

August 14, 2018by Faber Infinite0

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”- Saint Augustine

Have you ever noticed a bamboo tree plantation?

In a typical bamboo plantation, bamboo plants do not grow for almost four years and the growth over the ground is almost negligible. But, is the fifth year, that the bamboo plant grows more than 80 feet in a span of just six weeks.

Ever wondered or questioned why does it happen? The bamboo tree also requires the same three things – water, sunlight and soil still it takes almost four years to show some visible growth?

Well, it is patience!

It might sound cryptographic to some. But let us explain why?

In the first four years, you might think that the bamboo tree is not growing. However, the bamboo tree keeps growing underground during this period in order to have a foundation strong enough to sustain the 80 feet growth in the fifth year. Bamboo tree plantations set an excellent example for every other organization.

In similar manner, patience in corporate world does the same and plays a crucial role in building the foundation of an organization before visible growth start inflicting the charts. It is very important for any organization to have a strong core organizational foundation before they start putting burden and responsibilities of the entire structure on it.

Lessons to learn from bamboo tree plantations

  • Success does not come right away

Success is a continuous process and can only be achieved by constant efforts, patience and perseverance. One can never become successful overnight. Moreover, you have to patiently wait to receive desired results from your efforts since it takes time to produce a cumulative effect and ultimately conclude with profitability.

  • Success requires strong foundation

Just like any other building, to build a building of success, excellence, quality and profitability one has to build a very strong foundation to support and sustain the growth and development. Patience helps you in building the required foundation on which you can build your organization and move towards achieving the impossible.

  • Success is about your consistency

Success is totally dependent on your consistency. How consistent you are with your products, quality will say a lot about you and will simultaneously help you in building a reputation in the market. Moreover, consistency will also help you in customer acquisition and retention which will help you in growth numbers.

  • Do not forget to nurture your dreams

Your dreams will define your choices and your path towards achieving your goals and targets. Hence, it is very important for an individual to nurture their dreams in order to keep themselves motivated and encouraged. Also, your dreams decides your limits, hence, nurturing them plays a very crucial role in achieving excellence and success in any organization’s or individual’s journey.

  • Believe without doubts

Doubts only creates and produces obstacles in your journey towards excellence and success. It is very important for anyone to believe in their principles and methodologies in order to be successful. Having a second mind on will not only confuse you, but will also shake the very foundation on which you are trying to build and grow.

  • Patience and persistence will pay off

Patience and Persistence are two of the most underrated factors that decide the success of any organization. One has to be patient and persistent with their efforts. They have to be consistent and should keep working until their time arrives. Being patient will help you in building the foundation as well as learning the important aspects that will ultimately help you in fulfilling your dreams and goals.

Success is not an overnight journey. One has to be very consistent and patient with their efforts in order to achieve excellence. Giving up after a short period is not the solution and will eventually push you at the last spots in the race to become the best. Patience will pay off and you will reach the place where you always wanted to be, just believe in yourself and keep working hard!

Written and compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

by Faber Infinite

Faber Infinite is an International Business Management Consulting Organization offering consulting solutions and services for Increase Profitability in Business.

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