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August 4, 2022by Faber Infinite

The shift from lockdown to recovery is certainly not an easy process to manage. The parity between companies to rebuild their broken chain of operations is on the rise due to uneven technological advancement. The other hinderances faced across the world today majorly include material shortages, rising demand, unavailability of resources, rising costs and vessel unavailability. Thus, transforming manufacturing plants to support operations by inducing sustainable manufacturing culture. Manufacturing Execution System is one such terminology highly popular today, it promotes resource planning, smooth information flow and value addition to the manufacturing plants.

Industries are aiming to be more agile and resilient through adopting new production processes and service effectiveness. MES is a computer system that performs manufacturing operations on the production floor or in accordance with production line operators and automation and control systems.

This MES works solely on the shop floor to provide specific capabilities such as order execution, real – time tracking, technical specifications, quality management, inventory management, and performance monitoring.

MES also incorporates smart manufacturing technologies, which can improve the following aspects of manufacturing:

1. Connectivity:

The most valuable aspect of any business model today is strong connectivity. It eases the rapid communication between internal and external stakeholders. The rapid spread of Internet of Things(IOT), Blockchains and sensors identifies quick change requirements and provides the opportunity to stay ahead of challenging times.

2. Advanced analytics:

Every industry goes through changes with time. The key is as to how these changes are measured in growth factors. Hence, through digitalization and innovative tools like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more are essential to measure the scope of continual improvement by advanced operation techniques.

3. Automation:

Digitalization in manufacturing has enabled to use data for implementing scalable control systems and foster continuous betterment of manufacturing processes through automation. Augmented reality and robotics were other highly used tools which transformed industries from production to product optimization.

Faber Infinite Consulting has expanded its services with the new vertical called FabNXT, that aims at attaining operational excellence for industries around the world. It includes services for three extremely important segments of MES which are: 1. Automation 2. Material Handling 3. Visual Management.

Automation focuses majorly on two areas such as 1. Pick & Place Automation 2. Low-Cost Robotics Automation. Automation delivers improvement in quality and productivity with faster ROI and the ability to be more competitive.

While, Material Handling is another area of focus for FabNXT where, industries can avail benefits of reduced accidents in facilities and increase in work efficiency. Material handling is the movement, storage, and control of materials throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal of material and products.

Furthermore, ‘Visual Management’ services offered by Faber Infinite is the concept of making the workplace more effective and enhances the smooth flow of information by using visual and audio signals.

Thus, organizations can leverage these advanced tools to improve the Operational efficiency, increase stakeholder value and to improve the customer experience. Contact for more information on FabNXT, additional offerings by Faber Infinite for the digital future of Manufacturing!


Written & Compiled by Faber Aleena

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