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Higher Productivity with Lean Facility Design

  • By faber
  • August 4, 2022

Companies decide to make facility changes for any number of reasons, from adding new equipment to incorporating a new business they’ve just purchased. If yours is one of them, we have a something to offer!

Now, more than ever, organizations want their operations to be efficient and future ready. To address the same, Team Faber Infinite has been helping clients with its proven and copyrighted methodology – Lean Facility Design© (LFD). This unique methodology crafted by team Faber Infinite supports organizations to build best in class facilities and infrastructure.

Companies make facility changes for a variety of reasons, from adding new equipment to incorporating a newly purchased business. Thus, an ideal facility layout should be able to focus on providing a perfect relationship between raw materials, equipment, manpower, and final product at the lowest possible cost while also being safe and comfortable.

The following objectives can be met by an efficient and reliable facility layout:
  • To promote the safety of the plant and its employees
  • Allow for layout expansion or change to facilitate new product lines or technological development.
  • To increase the organization’s production capacity


An organization can accomplish the aforementioned goal by ensuring a 14-step methodology that focuses on several important aspects even before the layout by the approach of Lean Facility Design. The direct impact on implementing Lean Facility Design for your new facility layout designing are:

  • Reduced need for FLOW & PULL floor space/storage space creation in order to minimize inventory and manpower availability.
  • lowered investment income (in certain areas), all of which will result in higher productivity, shorter throughput times, less waste, and so on.
  • Lean facility design: improved flow of materials and information
  • Logistics equipment size planning
Lean Facility Design Methodology

Our proven copyrighted methodology covers strict process implementation of layout designing by streamlining the manufacturing flow, manpower planning , warehouse optimization, inventory design (raw material, WIP, finished goods), capacity analysis & ramp up plans, and more.

For a perfect layout to be planned, the processes must include the standardization of storage locations, visual management of information & data and the most important, early equipment management. Among various other organizations where the LFD framework has been rolled out. Our teams are working in other industries such as – leading drip irrigation pipes manufacturer, a leading pharmaceutical plant, solar plant, consumer goods, FMCG and other engineering sectors.

Thus, if you are looking out for growth and expansion, Faber Infinite Consulting is the right partner to engage for redesigning organization that is world class and efficient from day zero!

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Lean Facility Design: Benefits Plenty!

Is LFD the secret to World Class Manufacturing?


Written & Compiled by Faber Aleena