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Be the Coach, not a BOSS

  • By faber
  • July 12, 2022

Coaching leaders believe that bringing out the best in their teams is essential. They lead their teams through challenges and accomplish their goals. This is the absolute opposite of autocratic leadership, which emphasizes decision-making from the top-down approach. On this # Transformation Tuesday, let’s evaluate how to be an enthusiastic coach to your teams. Here are a few traits you should build on to become the leader you always wanted to be:

Building relationships:

A strong team is built on healthy dynamics between its members. Needless to say, conflicts are also a part of the teams’ functioning. However, when you manage to discuss your opinions and suggestions without creating resentment for your team members, you have successfully mastered the art of managing a team. It is your responsibility to listen, keep an open mind, and welcome criticism, along with understanding others’ views and ideas. This way, you connect with your fellow mates to develop a sense of loyalty towards you.

Be the example:

It doesn’t mean, that you have to be the hero of your team always. But to set the example is very critical to developing trust among your team members. Leading with example may include basic habits such as you are reaching out on time to your workplace or helping your team members in challenging situations or even appreciating their work. These may be small gestures but has a great impact on the minds of people when they analyze the professional in you.

Be a learner, not the expert:

Leadership is often misunderstood as being a perfect individual without flaws. However, it is indeed not possible for any individual to be perfect. Thus, becoming a constant learner is the best-suited approach to represent yourselves to reach efficiency. The journey from Team member to leader is often differentiated based on this quality. You must know to involve and utilize the proficiency of your colleagues in their area of expertise along with learning your skills to manage them. In this way, you develop a productive and positive work environment and engage in effective team management.

Be consistent:

To become a team leader, you must consistently perform. This includes carrying out your tasks and responsibilities with dedication, teaching the team about goal realization, and stimulating team members to work efficiently by detailing the project to individual team members. Above all, consistency is about knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Only then you can plan the scope of development and improvement of the team’s performance.

Thus, leadership is not about what you know, but who you are. It is the attribute that is developed with specific traits, styles, and strategies developed by the deep understanding of acceptance and ability to change.