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Shreshta – Journey to Excellence
Biotechnology is one of the most difficult industries to be in at the present time. However, it is still the fastest growing and one of the most innovative sectors in the world. The potential in this sector is highly unexplored and the opportunity it has to offer is tremendous for the organizations. In this edition of iFaber, we have brought to you one such tale from the biotechnology industry, which also happens to be one of the earliest and dominant players. We...
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Facts of McDonald's
Friday Fact- How this fast food chain made millions?
Do you know your favorite McDonald's made itself worth more than $20 billion dollar company just by asking this one simple question? McDonald's for the last 75 years, has been serving burgers in 119 countries in more than 35000 franchises to 68 million customers daily. But just one simple question they ask- Would you like fries with that? helped them to sell over 9 million pounds of fries globally every day. McDonald's knows that suggesting such value additions to the...
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Six Sigma
Friday Fact – GE gained $700 million by deploying Six Sigma
Did you know: GE gained $700 million by deploying Six Sigma? General Electric (GE) one of the most recognizable brands started focusing solely on quality control. CEO Jack Welch made a goal for GE in 1995, to become a Six Sigma company within the span of five years by adopting and implementing the “Six Sigma Quality” as a part of their company’s culture. The defect level at GE was as high as 35,000 defects per million opportunities. And according to the...
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Are you a hedgehog or a fox?
Friday Fact – Are you a Hedgehog or a Fox?
Do you know, the Hedgehog concept has helped Southwest airlines of America to generate profits for more than 4 decades! Southwest Airlines has grown remarkably since 1970. From small, quirky, Texas-centric airline into the largest domestic carrier of the United States. In the past 10 years, change has come fast, with the airline focused mostly at the largest U.S. airports, such as New York LaGuardia, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, rather than at the outlying airports like Manchester, New Hampshire which...
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Friday Fact – Power of Keystone Habit
Do you know, Alcoa- Aluminum Company of America achieved 5 times of its profit within the span of 13 years just by using a keystone habit from Charles Duhigg. In the year 1987, Alcoa hired a new CEO- Paul O'Neill as the company was facing loss from last year. When O'Neill was asked to address everyone present in the ballroom, he began by talking about the worker's safety. This had put everyone under a huge confusion. Because, as a CEO, he was...
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Role of top management in transformation journey
Transformation journey and its success depend a lot on the kind of leadership team that handles it. Many transformation journeys fail because of lack of involvement from the top management that is supposed to make the calls and handle the journey at every step. Managers and senior executives need to understand this and should be able to anticipate the situations and proactively plan the journey. Moreover, managers are close to the employees and hence, their role intensifies in a change...
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Friday Fact- Renaming the city? Have you heard of Five S city yet?
Did you know: there is Five S city in Japan? Japan does not only practice Five S on regular basis, but it has it in their blood. For example, Tokyo is a city having 14 million people, yet it is cleaner than the United States when it is compared in terms of their development status. In Japan, there are few public areas which say to carry away your trash along with you to your home and people even follow that because Japan is...
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Faber Infinite covered by Business Connect Magazine
Faber Infinite has been covered by the recent publication of Business Connect Magazine as one of the 25 most trusted consulting organization in India. The magazine has comprehensively covered the unique arrays of Faber Infinite, showcasing the success journey of Faber Infinite and its clients.
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Friday Fact- Did you know: The iconic Toyota Production System (TPS) has its roots ingrained beyond automotive sector
Toyota, one of world's largest automaker did not start the business by making cars. They started with making looms for the textile industry since 1890. The company started with handlooms and then went ahead to make what they got famous for, the power looms / automatic looms. The automatic loom was designed on the principle of Jidoka. The loom would stop when any problem occurred. Mr. Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, sold the patent to a British corporation, which funded...
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