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right now was yesterday
The best time to Improve was yesterday!
The world is moving fast and evolving even faster and so are the industrial parameters, standards and methodologies. In such times, it becomes very important for any organization to adapt to these changing methodologies and implement the advanced tools and techniques to achieve growth and excellence. Transformation journeys have proven to be an effective method and strategy to help the companies enhance their process and product in order to cement their position in the market and constantly increase revenues. However, many organizations are...
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Don’t Water Your Weeds: Go Lean!
We are in the 21st century and businesses have become more advanced and improved when it comes to processes involved in the system. Lean and its practices is one such tool that has helped thousands of organizations in becoming more efficient and effective in their work and ultimately generate larger revenue and profits. As rightly said by Mr. Harvey McKay – “Don’t Water your weeds”, we should avoid investing time and efforts on processes and procedures that are inefficient. Like...
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Japanese railway
Friday Fact – Sorry for the delay
Do you know, the delay in trains at Japan is measured in seconds Japanese railways are one of the most punctual across the world. Their punctuality can be measured by the fact that the conductor of the train makes an apologetic announcement for the delay if there has happened any and the railway company also provides a "delay certificate" to its passenger because no one would expect and believe a train to be late in Japan. The Japanese people are...
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UJALA Scheme
Friday Fact – Ujala – A Transforming Change Initiative
Did you know, that one change saved INR 165 Billion for the country? Ujala- a change initiative taken to save electricity by the Government of India. Ujala Yojana which was earlier launched in the name of - Domestic Efficient Lightning Program (DELP). The main motive behind this scheme is to switch the usage of 200 million incandescent bulbs to LED light bulbs which would save over 10.5 billion kWh of power. This scheme is available for everyone and sells the LED bulb to...
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Friday Fact- Lessons from 26/11 terror attack
Did you know: None of the Taj Staffers fled during the 26/11 attacks? The nation just marked 10 years of attacks in Mumbai on 26/11. In November 2008, India suffered a great loss due to a terrible attack caused by the terrorist at a well renowned 5-star hotel; TAJ MAHAL PALACE - Mumbai. The hotel was under siege for 3 days and 2 nights, held by the terrorist with automatic weapons who took few people as a hostage, killed rest...
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Yet another feather in the cap!
Strongpak Limited is one of the biggest manufacturers of PP woven bags in Zambia and neighboring countries, catering to the packaging needs of various industries. Strongpak is supported with a team of a well-trained workforce, the best in Zambia. With the application of Lean and Continual Improvement principles in the production process Strongpak has been able to continuously improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of their products. Strongpak has been winning awards since 2013. Below is the list of awards:...
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SGF Webinar
Grow sales by ~33% in 11 months
Sales is one of the most aimed aspect for any and every organization. Increased sales leads to increased revenue. Every other organization faces various challenges in improving their sales and counter the increasing competition to hold their position in the market. Team Faber Infinite Consulting has a proven and unique framework for improving sales. This powerful framework enables the organizations in keeping the sales trends upwards in the charts. This proven solution by Faber Infinite has helped clients grow sales...
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Building high performance teams
In the contemporary industry, the need of tools and scales to measure the growth and development of the organizations as well as the performance of the individuals & teams has become quintessential for every organization. Many organizations have such measures ingrained in their working culture but still face many problems and go through a lot of trouble to get the correct data. Performance Management Systems can help such organizations a lot and is the most appropriate and suitable solutions for...
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Happy clients
Aspire & Rise
Consultants can play a pivotal role in any progressive organization. They help organizations in overcoming various challenges they might be facing and thus provides that extra push to the organization that is needed to achieve excellence and ultimately sustainable continual development. There are various ways in which a consultant helps and accelerates the improvement – transformation journey for an organization. In this edition of iFaber, we are going to explore the life of one such consultant – Mr. Prasad Kadam...
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