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Building Delivery Excellence in Flower Farms

  • By faber
  • November 24, 2016

Floriculture is a major global industry in both developing and developed countries. Global trade volume is estimated to be worth more than $100bn per annum. The main players are divided into producers in developing countries and consumers in developed countries, including many in Africa. In this blog, we will talk about Delivery Excellence in Flower Farms.

Kenya also has excellent transport links to Europe, and from there, the rest of the world through Nairobi airport, which has a terminal dedicated specially to the transport of flowers and vegetables. This means that delicate floral cargo which is perishable in nature can be shifted from growers to consumers swiftly.

The sector has increasingly been faced by many challenges even as the global economic fortunes seem to be getting better. Consumers are getting more concerned about the quality of what they are receiving making it fundamental to ensure quality and more importantly safety. Concerns from the UK consumers for Kenyan produce to meet high quality standards are of prime importance. In a positive note, the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) reports that increased awareness through the inspectorate among farmers and traders has reduced incidences of pests in produce for export.

Major Challenges faced

-Increase in transportation costs
-Rising production costs
-Under Utilization of Land
-Reduction in output due to pests and other factors
-Low productivity followed by low returns on investments.
-Poor infrastructure and unpredictable weather
-Obsolete technology and stringent international standards

Here we bring some of the aspects on which Team Faber Infinite has been working in this industry to deliver exceptional results:

Change in Layout to enhance productivity

In pack house we can improve number of grading stems per minute by changing layout to single piece flow (We have improved this by an average of 60% at one of our client). By proper layout design of flower production block we can increase total number of Beds per hectare and thus overall production can be increased (We have Improved from 72 bed per block to 81 beds per block at one of our client place).

Increase in the number of stems planted

The Faber team has been striving to improve Germination by growing more plants per square meter. Recently one of the clients has successfully implemented the methodology to improve number of stems and has planted 80 planting stations per square meter instead of 40.

Optimum Utilization of Land

Usually almost in every Farm due to improper layout design at initial stage lots of land is not utilized which is actually production land. This can be done by proper layout and planning. Team Faber has been working closely with their clients to turnaround the production of flowers by identifying useful land and exploring its effectiveness. With converting underutilized land, team Faber Infinite has successfully added 5 Million stems at one of our clients place.

Quality Improvement

Yield per hector is an important factor for any flower farm. There are various factors which affects the yield. Rejection during growing and rejection at time of harvesting affects the yield to a large extent. By implementing various Quality management tools and standards, yield can be improved by more than 30%

There are different approaches to handle challenges at the flower farms which include developing  proper layout and land utilization models  followed by  logistical  improvements  that  lowers distribution  costs  of  inputs.

Faber infinite toolkit specially developed for Farms helps them to increase the production, labor productivity & reduce rejects and other wastes. Exceptional results have been observed in Flower farms.

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Written By: Faber Devna Chaturvedi