Business Lessons from Mother Nature

September 18, 2018by Faber Infinite0

We all have faced a certain period when we feel upset and everything feels to be going wrong. And then a walk into the lap of nature makes us feel a lot better – relaxed and composed. Great scientist Albert Einstein once said, “Just look deep into mother nature and then you will understand things better”. We completely agree with this and almost all of us have felt the soothing hand of nature sometime in our life.

Well! Businesses can also work in the same manner and looking and understanding the nature will help you a lot in accelerating the growth of the organization as well as make it more efficient and competent. Below are four business lessons mother nature teaches us in order to have a substantial growth and development.

  1. Evolve or else you will be eliminated

Times are bound to change and sometimes it will get tough and formidable. In such times, one must understand that there is no way one can carry deadweight with them. One must adapt the circumstances as it is and must evolve to excel and grow in the tough times. Questioning yourself is one of the great methods how you can evaluate yourself and then implement policies to bring change. Moreover, create a more sustainable work culture that will not only help you grow but will also allow you to explore different dimensions of your business

  1. You can only grow by performance

Fitness drives performance and it is one of the major factor nature takes into consideration and no matter if you are a tiger or a giraffe, if you are not fit, you will never grow. This teaches us a very important lesson that can be used by one in grabbing opportunities and growing businesses.

Leadership of any organization should be very clear and focused with the promotion mechanism and should promote people only based on their performances. Factors like gender, caste, religion etc. should always be avoided while promotions.

  1. Produce less waste

The hard-toxic wastes which we see around nowadays are a result of the human actions. If one will look in the nature, one will find that nature produces very or almost no waste that harms the cycle of biodiversity and utilizes everything to grow and develop. In similar manner, one should work towards reducing the amount of waste produced at the workplace. Even small steps such as utilizing the paper efficiently can help one in making a big difference in terms of wastes.

  1. Survival is the topmost priority

Survival is the most important thing one should keep in mind and just like every other organism; you should also do everything that can ensure survival in the toughest times. Working hard is the primary method to ensure your business’ survival. You must be focused and dedicated to have a sustainable and growing business.

Nature is the greatest teacher and it keeps communicating with us in different ways. It is very important for us to trust, observe and learn from mother nature. One must remember the fact that nature has the solution to every problem, it is just a matter of perspective and objectivity.

Written and Compiled by  Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

by Faber Infinite

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