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  • By faber
  • September 17, 2018

Accelerated organizational growth and development is something every organization desires very dearly and constantly make efforts to achieve it. However, very few people know that accelerated growth can’t be just achieved by plain implementation of tools in a random manner. It requires a structured implementation of framework and a core module that will guide the growth process along with helping the organization in sustaining it.

About the webinar

Team Faber Infinite, Global Management Consulting Firm recently conducted a webinar on ‘Why a coach is required for accelerated growth in an organization?’ Our guest speaker Mr. Jalay Pandya, one of the founding members and Director of Faber Infinite Creative Solutions enlightened our viewers on this topic and shared some valuable insights to help them achieve the desired growth rate. Moreover, he also focused on how to formulate the entire journey in order to have efficient and more productive methodologies ingrained into the working culture to boost the growth processes.

Consultants, Coaches and Accelerated growth

Many people misunderstand consultants and coaches as the same person which is not at all true. Consultant who will help you identify the issues and  will tell you the probable solutions for your problems while coach is one step ahead of consultants. Coach not only will come in and tell you about what is going wrong but will also hold your hands and will walk you through the entire processes and will ensure that the problems do not repeat in the future.

For an accelerated growth in this competitive modern industrial era, it is very important for the organizations to have a coach beside themselves who will help them in turning around the things for the good. The need of a coach intensifies for an accelerated growth in today’s era because a coach will help you in almost everything, be it taking risks, pushing yourselves or most importantly in changing the mindsets of the people. They will guide and motivate you and will help the organizations believe in themselves and in their potential.

The webinar talks about many such things which signify the vitality of a coach in an organization aspiring exponential growth. A coach in an organization is similar to the breathing process in an individual – both helps us survive and stay competent. To view the entire webinar and know more about the importance of a coach in an organization for accelerated growth, view the full webinar at;

accelerated growth
accelerated growth

Written and compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.