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Celebrating Young Emerging Women Leaders in Manufacturing

  • By faber
  • March 31, 2021

To watch the video interactions of emerging young women leaders from manufacturing, click on the link here.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in the honor of women across the globe as a part of the entire eco-system. This year Team Faber Infinite along with Young Indians Ahmedabad Chapter rolled out an initiative to celebrate and encourage women leaders from the manufacturing sector.

The entire idea behind celebrating young emerging women leaders from manufacturing was to celebrate their achievements, raise awareness about gender equality, and lobby for accelerated gender parity. Enough has been said and done about women’s power in the past few years, however, women in the core manufacturing industry are still unsung.

Research says that there are only 3% – 12% women in the manufacturing industry in India. The manufacturing industry is considered a male-dominated industry. There are very few women at the core of manufacturing and as you climb up the ladder to the leadership position, there are even lesser women leaders.

However, there are few young women leaders who have made their mark in the manufacturing sector. They have emerged through the thick and thin of times. To inspire more women to take a career in the manufacturing sector, we took the initiative of bringing out the stories of emerging young women leaders who have already made a mark in this sector.

In this initiative, we were joined by the following vibrant women leaders;

1.         Ms. Sandhya Patel, Director, Meghmani Group, Ahmedabad, India

2.         Ms. Darshi Shah, COO, Isiniya Feeds, Kenya, Africa

3.         Ms. Sonal Shah, Executive Director, Strongpak Ltd., UK/Zambia, Africa

4.         Ms. Charmy Nathwani, Director, Gulab Oils, Ahmedabad, India

5.         Ms. Priya Gandhi, Deputy Director, Hester Bioscience, Ahmedabad, India

6.         Ms. Asha Pillai, CFO & Finance Director, Shell – Hazira Group of Companies, Ahmedabad, India

7.         Ms. Maithili Appalwar, CEO, Avana, Maharashtra, India 

8.         Ms. Perizaad Zorabian, Director, Zorabian Chicken  

We are highly appreciative of all the women leaders that came forward and joined us in this campaign to promote more women to join the manufacturing industry by sharing their experiences with us. We would like to thank all the vibrant women leaders, our partners Young Indians Ahmedabad Chapter for leading from the front.

Also, thanking, Rotary International Club of Pune University, Round Table India, CII Indian Women Network for all the support.

We take this opportunity to thank our Radio Partner – 94.3 MY FM, Video Partner – Dreamfoot, Image Partner – Avancé Image Management, and Image Satva.

Faber Infinite Consulting believes in crafting equal growth opportunities. This initiative should inspire many more young women to choose career opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is 18% of the Indian GDP and if India Inc inspires to become a 5 trillion economy, it should not only be dependent on the service industry, but the manufacturing industry should also join in to contribute equally to achieve the desired goal. To watch the video interactions of these emerging young women leaders, click on the link here.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal