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March 31, 2021by Faber Infinite

Pandemic has been a different time for everyone across the world. Be it professional front or personal grounds, everyone has faced challenges that has taught us how to tackle different situations like these. Most parts of the world were shut down, international as well as national boundaries were closed, many manufacturing organisations were even working from home, and a few had the access to operate from the site but with limited capacity.

Pandemic or no pandemic, team Faber Infinite has always strived to support it’s clients. to become operationally excellent, cost effective, productive, and profitable. We support our clients with implementation journey via Organisational Transformation Framework by Faber Infinite. Not just that, we even helped our clients to be prepared for such unforeseen Black Swan events.

In this newsletter, celebrating few client feedbacks from the recent past. Below are quick snippets of what our clients had to say about our services.

1. Mr. Leon Grundlingh – Director: Technical & Product Development – Hygrotech East Africa Limited – Kenya

Our aim with intervention by Faber Infinite was to focus on the local growers, the local sales team that services the clients. We have got representation all over the country in all the counties that are of agricultural importance to Kenya.

With the help of Faber Infinite, we put the sales strategy in place. We have put sales targets in place, we are measuring and evaluating ourselves and it is working, as we can see the results.

Your team has had excellent participation as you have been on the ground continuously, unlike the white-collared consultants. 

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2. Mr. Rahul Kejriwal – Executive Director – Remsons Industries Limited – India

We engaged with Faber for a specific project, where we got the new plant layout done. Team Faber Infinite has mapped out all our processes perfectly such as raw materials, stores, material flow, movement between material flows. Since we are setting up the plant at present, we are taking into consideration the COVID norms as well.

Although COVID may not last long, we are setting up preventive measures for the future. So, the involvement of Faber Infinite has given us in-depth knowledge and confidence. We shall also engage Faber as we go ahead with our implementation phase, to avoid any mistakes as we go forward. It has been a worthy journey with Faber.”

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3. Mr. Vishnu Jajoo – Managing Director – Shriji Polymers India Limited – India

Our journey with Faber has been young, so definitely we are seeing great results through important changes taking place. It is a seed that Faber Infinite has implanted into our team and our organization to see things more towards in an organized manner.

We are very happy, as these were the few things we have been talking about since quite some time, however it was Team Faber Infinite which has put those things in place and implanted it very effectively into the downline team. Their role has been very good since they translated and formalized the thought process of our management team in every department of the organization.”

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4. Mr. Yash Shah – Director and CEO – Apollo Heat Exchangers Pvt. Ltd – India

“Team Faber has helped us improve manpower productivity by ~32%, reduce shop floor WIP by ~10%, reduce overall throughput time and many more.

Gradually, Team Faber has helped us align our teams to a new way of thinking about operational excellence. We took quarterly milestones like productivity improvement of most bottleneck operations.”

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5. Mr. Vishal Dokania – Director – Durian Laminates – India

“We saw a lot of improvement in terms of wastage reduction, improvement in overall efficiencies, also it was highly systematic.

During COVID, we had a look back on all those practices that we used to practice at the time we had implemented Six S. This project that we did with Faber Infinite really helped us a lot to gear up for COVID because we had a mechanism in place for dividing the factories into zones, making team leaders and all that we did before, really helped us even in this situation and it is being followed even now. This has helped build the culture of continual improvement and it reflects at all the levels in the organization.”

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6. Mr.Sanjay Khanvilkar – Head Quality and Business Excellence – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd – India

“We have been working with Faber since a long time. We have had great trust, confidence and belief that team Faber will help us achieve phenomenal results by implementing Value Stream Mapping. This project was implemented in our Baroda unit in B2B as well as B2C department at our corporate office in Mumbai. Team Faber has helped us achieve such phenomenal results. 

I am proud of Team Faber. The entire process was very well defined and structured. It has helped build the confidence of Crompton on Team Faber Infinite. The top management is highly appreciative of the efforts by the team. In future whenever any new assignments would come up, team Faber will definitely be our first and primary choice to work with.”

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7. Mr. Joseph Ngige – General Manager – Karirana Estates Ltd – Kenya

Transformation journey has addressed both Operational Excellence and Strategic Excellence. Team Faber has guided us in this journey by giving us support in areas like building cost leadership, building quality leadership, delivering customer service leadership and safety. It has helped us in inventory management, where we have reduced the total inventory by 60% and the amount saved is used in other operations because we no longer hold it in inventory.”

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8. Mr. Shailesh Mehta – Managing Director – Texel Industries – India

Faber Infinite has been instrumental in bringing awakening at the lowest level on the shop floor, in areas of operational excellence and innovative production process. We can say the journey is still on and Texel hopes to achieve the highest level of excellence in its operations which will prepare the organization for creating further innovative products and technologies in the coming future.”

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Team Faber Infinite has been supporting more than 200 organisations in their transformation journey towards excellence, across industries and geographies.

To improve your game post covid, contact Team Faber Infinite at [email protected]. Let us bounce forward together!

Written & Compiled Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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