Continual and Sustainable Improvement in Textile Industry

July 22, 2019by Faber Infinite0

Textile Sector, one of the oldest and the largest contributors to economies across India and many other countries. The Indian Textile Industry has evolved drastically with the passage of time due to globalization. Also, the government’s interest to improve the quality and standards of the industry has brought significant change in the textile industry over the years. It now comprises of both hand-woven sector and highly automated textile mills. Power looms, knitting sectors and hosiery are the key sectors of the textile industry in India. In this article, we will discuss about Continual and Sustainable Improvement in Textile Industry.

Faber Infinite Consulting has been closely working with clients from the textile industry for crafting an extremely effective and holistic operating environment. We have been delivering phenomenal results promoting continual improvements and sustainability. At Faber Infinite, we have been helping our clients to evaluate and accelerate this process rather quickly with our specially designed and proven methodologies. We specialize in providing consulting services for transformation journeys including Operational Excellence, Strategic Excellence, and much more.

Our experience in the Textile Industry:

We are a highly trusted organization for organizational transformations when it comes to the textile sector. We have a vast experience in the consulting domain with a cumulative experience of more than 300 years, supporting more than half a dozen textile manufacturers. Faber Infinite delivered tangible results across 8 countries and have touched more than 5,000 people in the textile industry.

Faber Infinite strives for excellence and continuous improvement and has supported organizations in the textile industry in their transformation journey. Some of the typical improvement areas are listed below:

  • Reduction in Machine Breakdown
  • Improvement in Employee Productivity
  • Improvement in Employee Satisfaction
  • Improvement in Customer Feedback
  • Improvement in Machine Productivity
  • Reduction in wastage across the processes
Tangible results delivered at clients from the Textile Industry:
  • Improved productivity by 20%
  • Reduced soft waste by 80%
  • Reduced hard waste by 88%
  • Reduced machine waste by 50%
  • Improved first-grade quality production by 5%
  • Improved skill index by 75%
  • Reduced maintenance cost by 44%
  • Improvement in mean time between failure of spinning machine by 140%

Faber Infinite Consulting has been an avid supporter of the textile sector and has always believed in creating a more optimized world with the help of the textile industry. We believe in innovation and would always like to believe in the same and support the textile industry to achieve – continual and sustainable development.

Written and Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri
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