4 ways to sharpen your leadership skills

July 23, 2019by Faber Infinite

Successful CEOs often talk about the importance of multidisciplinary skills, but what does this look like in practice? Hence to incorporate multidisciplinary leadership skills, follow the below-attached pointers;

Improve Your Soft Skills

Every leader should be able to be a public speaker, a motivator. For which they need to have an improved set of soft skills. This helps the organization find its leader to follow.

In any organization, the employee looks forward to the leader. If the leader is not a good spokesperson, he will not be able to command or motivate his team better. Hence to be able to lead the team in a better way, every leader should have a good set of soft skills.

Evolve Your Systems Thinking

Systems thinking means reflecting on how the small parts of an organization can work together as a whole. In business, systematic thinking means considering how people, technology and other processes work together.

This allows an organization to see patterns and build solutions. It also helps the leader to appreciate that a complexity which is a part of life and not necessarily something frustrating to deal with, so, the leader can own that complexity and think about it in a way that’s fun to deal with.

Progress with Your Company

A founder of a start-up or small business can get started by investing more hours or money into their business, but that’s not possible while the company grows. Leaders can no longer be involved with everything going on in the business. They must have people that they trust and people who can run parts of the business.

A leader may reach other parts of the business when its company employees around 50-75 people. Beyond this, the leader must separate themselves from mundane operations to lead effectively and focus on strategic decisions.

Find the Right People

If you seek to solve problems, you must start with your people. You must develop solutions for your people, for how they really are and how they really think. Ultimately, upgrading your leadership skills is a continuous process and not a one time project. It takes dedication, patience, commitment and empathy with the team.

As you go through those entrepreneurial valleys and grow, you need such amazing people around you to be able to run the business and deliver things together. It’s not just about you it is all about the people you take along with you.

Compiled by Faber Priyal & Faber Mayuri
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