Customer Service is the key to Customer Retention

May 21, 2018by Faber Infinite

Customer services are a vital Influencer in keeping the business at the brim of profits. It is a well-known fact that customer retention is more important and effective in a business rather than customer acquisition and providing better customer services helps one in doing the same.

Poor customer services are more like an ill stratum of system ingrained in the business operations. According to a research report, as a result of poor customer services, businesses have lost more than $75 billion annually which is more than 13% of what the companies were losing in the year 2016.

When talked about customer services, one can never neglect the importance of human communication and connection that makes a customer feel important and appreciated. The leadership of an organization that includes CEOs and Directors should keep an eye on providing better customer services to the customers rather than just focusing their strategies on quality and cost.

Many might think that quality and cost are the only key players in moving a market and customer services area mere propaganda to keep the customers in the loop. Such approaches to businesses are very fatal and unethical. Obviously, cost and quality do play a huge role in attracting and acquiring the customers, but at the same time, better customer services help one in keeping the customers; in retaining them and gaining their trust and confidence which will ultimately boon the business of the company.

There are various factors that differentiate a good customer service from a bad one. Below are some of the key points one should remember while devising a customer service guideline and structure.

4 key points of Customer Service
  • Training of employees to keep them updated so that they can answer the questions satisfactorily.
  • Building a better infrastructure so that the customers do not need to wait while seeking answers or help.
  • The behavior of the employees plays an important role in making the customers feel appreciated.
  • Aware and trained technical team to provide the much needed technical assistance.
What to do?

According to a research, more than 39 percent of the people said that they will never turn back towards some company where they were not provided a better service. This is a very huge number that is impactful enough to ruin many businesses. Moreover, it impacts the brand name as well. Hence, the question is, what should companies do to provide better customer services and consequently retain them.

Team Faber has been helping companies focus more on creating a more sustainable structure of customer services rather than just for the namesake. We help them design a well-devised customer strategy that can assist them in creating a better customer experience. Apart from these Team Faber, there are various other points where we assist organizations, training of the employees, providing enough attention to the customers, resolving their issues at the earliest and many more that can make a customer feel satisfied.

And most importantly we inculcate the human touch that is the most important connection with the customer. Though we live in a digital world, there is nothing more than the human touch that can make a customer feel more appreciated. Faber preaches that the key to better customer service is keeping the connection, complying with the needs of the consumer and ultimately holding onto them.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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