4 Steps to Create Engaging and Productive Work Environment

May 15, 2018by Faber Infinite0

In the modern competitive corporate world, creating a profound engaging and productive work environment is a challenge for many organizations. The productivity of an employee is largely dependent on his engagement at his workplace. It is very important for the leadership to keep the team members motivated in order to have a better engagement of the employees and subsequently better productivity.

Planning and Engagement at work

The engagement and productivity of the employees are highly circumstantial and depends on what kind of planning. They use in their daily work culture along with the kind of disruptions and blockages they face in their daily planning. Usually, the work process of an employee is impacted or influenced by two planning methods in this modern corporate world – a) Time management planning, and b) Contingent planning.

Time Management Planning

Time management planning is basically managing one’s tome, prioritizing and scheduling tasks, making to-do lists etc. It is used by many employees across the globe. The other planning method used by the employees is Contingent planning. Under this, the employee makes his daily plans as per his time but also takes in consideration the disruptions that he might face during his work period. In this order, he prioritizes things and proceeds to get his tasks done in the planned duration.

Contingency Planning

The reason to explain the difference between the two planning methods above is to make the people aware of the basic difference between the two planning methods. One might ask the role such planning methods play in increasing engagement and productivity of an employee. The answer is very simple, when a person can evaluate the disruptions he might face and plans his day according to that. He obviously, in turn, is more aware of his schedule and has enough time in hand to prepare himself for the desired work after the disruptions, be it emotional, work-related or any other in particular.

Guide to plan your day!
  • One should always plan his advance and should spend sufficient time planning it. Giving time for planning is the key to have a better and more productive day.
  • Anticipate the kind of the day you think you will have and plan accordingly. While planning, also think of the possible disruptions you might face during the entire day.
  • Prioritize your tasks, make to-do lists and move on with scheduling of your tasks that you have been assigned for that day. You can also include some of the pending work which you think you can give time to complete in that given time period.
  • Outline the entire plan, take your breaks, and engage yourself with your work on the next day since you are quite aware of the possible distractions and the amount of time you need to pivot your attention from the same.
  • One can move on with time management planning method if he feels that he might not face any kind of disruptions or distraction the next day while planning.

Both the above-mentioned planning methods are supposed to make the employee more engaged in his work and consequently become more productive. However, contingent planning has an edge over time-management planning method. It is a very obvious fact that with an increase in the number of interruptions, a time management plan will start to fail thus adding a burden on the employee which might end up frustrating him.

Although, contingent planning methods are more precise. The reason they are not being used by many employees around the world is because they are not known by many. However, recent trends show that there is a serious need of a better engagement of employees for better productivity and contingent planning simply unties the knot for you!

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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