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We are in the 21st century and businesses have become more advanced and improved when it comes to processes involved in the system. Lean and its practices is one such tool that has helped thousands of organizations in becoming more efficient and effective in their work and ultimately generate larger revenue and profits.

As rightly said by Mr. Harvey McKay – “Don’t water your weeds”, we should avoid investing time and efforts on processes and procedures that are inefficient. Like weeds, if we do not keep a check on such inefficiencies, then they can create chaos and all kinds of problems in the operations and execution. Taking this into consideration, Team Faber Infinite Consulting has designed an extremely powerful and unique training & certification program for today’s industrial world. This training and certification program shall help the organizations learn more about lean manufacturing and its practices. It will help them become more efficient and effective. About the Certification

It is one of a kind Green Belt Certification in Lean Management and is not based on mere theoretical aspects. Unlike other training programs, this unique training and certification program focuses on practical aspects as well includes implementation of the concepts learned by the participants at their workplace, which is later assessed by the expert team from Faber Infinite Consulting.

The certification program is divided into 3 parts with every part being followed by an examination to evaluate the progress of the participants. Moreover, the participants are also encouraged to implement one project approved by their plant at their facility and then present it for assessment. Successful implementers of the projects are awarded the prestigious certificate by Faber Infinite Consulting. Recently, Faber Infinite Consulting completed a certification program for members of Automotive Components Manufacturing Association (ACMA) of India where different organization across different sectors from Pune, Mumbai and Nasik benefitted from the program. Further details of the program are as mentioned,

The methodology used for the Green Belt Certification In Lean Management

  • Conference room tutorial sessions
  • Simulation exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Case Studies & learnings from the Gemba
  • Live projects and evaluation on the Gemba

The spread of the participants

  • Operations In-charge
  • Production managers
  • Line supervisors
  • Industrial engineers
  • Improvement co-coordinators
  • Process engineers
  • Purchase managers

The program was very well received by the participants. Glimpses of the feedback are as follows:

  • Great experience of training on various topics of Lean Management covered and they are very helpful to improve the organization
  • The program not only covered implementation but also covered sustenance
  • Very useful and interactive training session. Looking forward to more such sessions from Team Faber Infinite.

Lean Management has grown to be a highly beneficial tool for organizations and at Faber Infinite Consulting, we motivate our clients and progressive organizations to implement LEAN and become more efficient in what they do. Lean is the key to lead the markets and become more successful, productive and profitable in the 21st century.

Team Faber Infinite conducted this exclusive training program for the industry to further enhance the Lean Management skills and embark on the journey of excellence. Faber Infinite training & certifications are accredited by “Council for Six Sigma Certification Accreditation” from USA. For more information and details about GREEN BELT CERTIFICATION IN LEAN MANAGEMENT, contact us at [email protected]

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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