Embrace Change and Maintain a Positive Attitude

May 30, 2020by Faber Infinite

In any organization, all the functions work together for the growth and development of the organization. Each function in the organization is equally important and necessary. The key role of the HR function is to streamline the efforts of every employee to the best interests of the organization and the team member. In this edition of Faber, we bring to you yet another transformation catalyst at Faber Infinite – Ms. Aparna Khasnis – HR Manager at Faber Infinite Consulting. Aparna has been a star performer and is always ready for new challenges and explores new tasks. Below is an excerpt of our conversation with her.

  • Hi Aparna! Our audience would be keen to know more about you and your journey so far?

Hi, I am working in the HR domain for more than 6 years now. I opted for Masters specializing in Human Resource Management, as it gives me an opportunity to drive the required changes in the organization, understand people and improve quality of life for all the stakeholders involved.

I am associated with Faber Infinite since last 2 years and enjoy my work, whether it is – recruitment, setting and revising policies, appraisals, employee engagement – all gives me a great sense of satisfaction and keeps me in high spirits. 

  • With the way organizations are working globally in the current COVID situation, how is Faber coping up with this change?

The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities, and businesses worldwide. There are certain circumstances or decisions, that are not in our power to control. We believe, we can and will do our best to deal with the situation and move forward. On similar lines, we at Faber Infinite decided to go for ‘Transformation Digitally’. We migrated to providing online support to all our clients worldwide in their transformation and improvement journeys. Bounce Forward Talks series with various industry leaders and decision-makers, by our marketing team was extremely well received – ‘cos of the value add! Our team is working every day – across times zones – to provide the required support, conducting online workshops & training sessions for our clients. Team Faber also designed various new online training programs, certification programs for industry professionals and students as well.

  • How are the team members in your organization made to feel safe while dealing with this change?

When the initial cases of coronavirus appeared in the country, we at Faber infinite decided to work from home, even before the government made it mandatory.  We called back all our consultants working on the client sites – India as well as Overseas – to their respective base locations and asked them to self-quarantine. For us, our team member’s health and well being is the topmost priority! At Team Faber, team members are the most important assets.

Faber is always being transparent about current realities. We share and get feedback from our team members about new business strategies, financial situations, and new prospects – because we believe that we all are in this together and will come out of this together. All our team members feel valued and appreciate it.

  • As we know, due to the economic crisis, organizations across the world have started layoffs and salary cuts, how is your organization dealing with this issue?

I am extremely proud to be associated with Faber. During these tough times, where major organizations are laying off employees in huge numbers – at Faber, the first reaction was that there will be no layoffs. We strongly believe that our team members are our key asset. They are the foundation of Faber and they have always been treated as family members.

To support our team members, we took a flexible approach and also brought opportunities and positive outcomes. We came up with loyalty incentives, hybrid compensation policies, where we created an opportunity for everyone to earn that extra amount.  We try to push everyone to go for that one extra mile to achieve the targets, so collectively we achieve more together!

  • How has the management reacted towards the global crisis, and what are your further plans to thrive through this crisis?

Our management comprises of resilient leaders.  They are working on new business models that are likely to emerge and spark the innovations that will define the tomorrow.

It was management’s firm decision that at Faber Infinite family, NOT a single soul shall be laid off!

  • In such a crisis situation, employee engagement is most important and how is HR working towards ensuring the same?

Having people around you with whom you can share feelings, discuss problems, and receive advice is an essential part. As an HR, we play that crucial role of listening to all the team members.

As employee engagement & learning initiatives, we rolled out LEARN from HOME series – internal training sessions. Various webinars were conducted by external as well as interna experts to equip and upgrade our team members with new skills.

At Faber, as we say fun and learn goes together, this lockdown also presented an opportunity to unwind and participate in activities like internal fitness challenge and online games with all Faber families. It was extremely chirpy of all our team members to recreate the epic “Hum Honge Kamyab” song, to spread the positivity and salute our Corona Warriors.

At Faber, we try to keep everyone engaged and positive, which is the need of hour when one is locked down!

  • Is there anything you would like to share with other HR leaders and organizations for dealing with this situation?

We are living in a complex world with changes all around us. Naturally, this can make us feel uncertain or fearful about the present and future. I would suggest, that we must be more flexible and with a resilient mindset. Accept what is not in your control and embrace change. Maintain a positive attitude. Take care of your team members and they will take care of your business!

Thank you, Faber Aparna, for sharing these wonderful and encouraging details about you and life at Faber. We wish you luck in all your future assignments.

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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