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Faber Infinite crafting productive India day after day, year on year!

  • By faber
  • February 13, 2018

Faber Infinite crafting productive India day after day, year on year!

Faber Infinite has been active in promoting productivity improvement and stepping forward to envisage it proactively.

National Productivity Week (12th to 18th Feb) is one of the major events organized by the Indian government with the objective of stimulating and promoting productivity all over the country. It is an apt moment for us to share various stories of building productivity and competitiveness from our clients across the country and various industry sectors.

At the first thought of productivity improvement, in this post, we are glad to bring forward special story from a leading manufacturer of textile machinery.

About the Client

One of the leading manufacturers of textile machinery with branches spread all across India with the manufacturing plant located in Gujarat.  It has been one of the leading companies in the industry with clients varying from different geographies. Client teams have also participated in various competitions and have won many accolades at National and International level (Quality and Productivity improvement).

Challenges on hand

In today’s fast-moving and competitive corporate world, productivity has been one of the most faced challenges by the companies. Client team also faced the same and were needed to focus on the increasing the capacity of their production units to commit to the orders in hand and for the orders coming in as well.

Team Faber Infinite and its role

Team Faber Infinite has worked on resolving a lot of Operational Challenges and improving the productivity is one of them. Team Faber complied with the requirements of the client and delivered the results with the implementation of its copyrighted Operational Excellence framework.

Objectives and the results

When Team Faber Infinite joined the frame, the objective was to improve the material flow, throughput improvement and subsequently increase the manpower productivity in the journey so that the new incoming orders can be accepted and the in hand consignments could be delivered on time.

Team Faber worked through structured Organizational Transformation and Productivity Improvement Framework and was successful in delivering the desired results. Some of the achievements are mentioned below.

  • Team Faber brought a huge 167% improvement in Unit Production per day (from 24 units a day to 64 units a day) and Manpower productivity (1.84 Eq. Units/ Man-day to 4.92 Eq. Units/Man-day) after it got working with the client teams.
  • Space-saving also saw a 21% improvement after the implementation of the new layout designed by Team Faber Infinite.
  • 26% improvement was seen in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Team Faber also helped the organization in improving the per day production (spindles) by more than 114%.
  • Production by a person per day (for assembly line 2) was also improved by more than 115%.


Along with the staggering improvements in the throughput, Team Faber also delivered other financial benefits to the organization. Few glimpses of the achievements below.


  • Team Faber helped in increasing its OEE by ~20% per CNC machine. With the focussed implementation of equipment management practices, Faber Infinite delivered financial savings in excess of INR 5 million annually.
  • The organization was also benefitted by savings in manpower costs to the tune of more than INR 8 million annually.

Team Faber Infinite has been an active participant of ‘Make in India’ and believes in the dream of making India more productive. This National Productivity Week, let us take a pledge to make India more productive and a better place to operate. Let us together build competitive India to make India a first world country in our lifetime!

Note: Please reach out to our expert team on [email protected] for further details.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri