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November 6, 2018by Faber Infinite0

In the contemporary evolving industrial world of 21st century, training and skill development programs forms the backbone of any organization’s efficient workforce and helps the company in improving their produce and regulate their resources and efforts logically and more effectively. However, there have been many instances when the training sessions and skill development programs have backfired and instead of benefitting from the modules, companies have faced losses – in terms of time, capital and resources. Hence, it becomes very important for the organizations to plan and implement the training programs when they are needed and required. One cannot just simply start a training module for the employees thinking that it will only benefit the organization and its profitability. Below is a list of three eminent conditions that decides if a training program will be effective and productive or not.

  1. The internal structure and systems support the training programs and the newly ingrained working culture and patterns

Training and skill development programs are bound to improve the skill set of the employees and thus will also change their work strategy and culture in order to provide positive and effective outputs for the organization. However, any change is only productive if it is provided a sustainable environment and the internal infrastructure provides the required support for the change to flourish in the existing culture. There are many factors like culture, company values, priorities etc. that will play a crucial role in providing the training platforms the desired support they need to improve the profitability and quality of produce of the organization.

  1. Employees commitment towards change

Any training program will not only refine the skills of the employees but will also enhance their approaches towards the problems and obstacles. However, this will be only possible if the employees commit themselves towards the training process and are ready to embrace the change. Lack of commitment and dedication towards to collective goal will only make the efforts go in vain and will also result in losses of resources and time.

  1. If the training programs and modules provide a direct solution to the strategic problems of the organization

Training modules should only be incorporated in the organization if there is a need of it and the modules provide a direct solution to the problems and obstacles the organization faces in their pursuit of excellence and continual and sustainable development. The priorities of the organization must be served as a direct result of ingraining training and skill development modules. Having no complete objective before starting one will be more of a waste of time than a fruitful venture.

Organization invest huge amounts of capital in the training and skill development domains for better results and keep their employees and their skill competitive and in sync with the latest trends and technologies. Hence, it is of utmost importance to spend this capital for fruitful results rather than spending it without any clear goal to achieve. Moreover, it will also help the organization and its employees in gathering new data and knowledge along with the new skills which will ultimately broaden the spectrum of success for the organization in their journey.


Written and Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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