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January 28, 2017by Faber Infinite0

All of us are moving at a greater pace in our day to day lives. With the technological advancements taking place, only few of us are able to take the time out of our work schedules and enjoy the life to the fullest. In our race to compete, be the best, deliver the best and become successful, we often forget to bring happiness to the people around. Whether at professional level or personal level, all of us should contribute our bit to make this planet the most beautiful place.

The good thing is that organizations have realized the importance of contributing to the society, country, environment, customers, etc. and many have taken it up as their responsibility. This very part is referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in corporate language. Whatever we do, either big or small, could add meaning and happiness to life and to the society. Team Faber Infinite strongly believes in this principle and has been doing its possible bit for the country, society or environment.

Faber Infinite has always held up their values on the top and has never failed to follow them. To be more specific, for Faber Infinite Consulting it is among one of our core values to bring happiness and contributing for the betterment of the society and bringing smiles on the faces of people around. It is a mutual give and take process. We believe we get many good things from this society and when we get the opportunity to give it back, we should.

The recent example of Faber Infinite’s contribution is the support it had given to ‘Shreevatsa’ run by SOFOSH, a special child care centre in Pune in January, 2017. We sponsored meals for the children in Shreevatsa on account of Faber Foundation Day. Besides meal, we made contributions in the form of gifts to the children in the orphanage.

Talking about Faber Infinite’s involvement also adds another recent happening wherein a government school library was equipped with books from contribution by Faber Infinite. The school was in need of books for the library and it was made possible by Faber Infinite’s contribution keeping in mind the need and importance of education for the students.

As truly said, ‘Charity begins from home’, Faber Infinite follows the values it believes in and has always lives by example. These moments add another feather in the hat of Team Faber Infinite inspiring us to stay committed to our core value of crafting a fabulous world around us.

 Written By: Faber Ramya Pillai

by Faber Infinite

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