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January 28, 2017by Faber Infinite0

Today’s work environment requires employees to be skilled in performing complex tasks in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner. The top management is in a constant struggle of delegating the task to the right employee. Time and again, leaders have admitted that they are not confident whether the employee will be able to do justice to the role assigned. For the aim to have right employee in the right place at the right time with right skill set, the goal should be ongoing skill gap analysis and development to enhance and upgrade the knowledge of the employee while at the same time empower the employee in terms of specific positions or progression and succession planning.

PriZma by Faber Infinite is the finest tool which helps in identifying the skills required by different employees at different layers of the organization. As per several surveys, organizations yearly spending on skill analysis and trainings, plays a very crucial role in driving business growth.

PriZma can help you develop a strong Performance Improvement plan that functions almost like a bond between the manager and the employee. It can act as a tool fostering agreement and understanding what is expected from the employees.

If an employee is underperforming, it is obvious to understand the cause of the performance issue, determine if the employee has challenges relating to competence, capacity or motivation to overcome the issue, and establish a plan for resolving the issue. Careful preparation of training calendar on the leaders’ part can make the difference thus helping the employee achieve their goals and avoid detrimental effect on the employee.

Employees will work best when they know what is expected of them. PriZma helps to identify the goals and measures in simple, understandable terms, assign responsibility unequivocally, and confirm that the information is understood by those to whom it is directed. It assists in giving corrective input to ensure that each of the employees is on the same page and working toward the same objective.

Recently in a survey, 66% business organizations anticipate a loss of business to their competitors due to skills deficiency. This loss eventually culminates in loss of revenue which continues to slide down affecting the growth and productivity.

Since, untrained employees cannot produce high-quality products. They also lack adequate knowledge and skills to provide satisfactory customer service. This combination results in dissatisfied customers. The company will experience declining sales if dissatisfied customers choose competitors who can provide quality products and appropriate service.

Training and development initiatives would not just improve employee skills—it would also make the company a more attractive place to work. Based on our experience Team Faber has identified these challenges at various organizations in Asia as well as Africa. The answer to this crucial concern is PriZma, which our expert team has devised, a unique approach to analyze the workforce skills. PriZma can help in addressing the key issues related to appropriate skill development.

PriZma allows organizations to identify weak spots of an employee and suggest improvements to meet the present and future requirements of the organization in addition to improving work performance. Performing a skills gap analysis can benefit employees and the organization individuals since it will enable both to professional development needs. It also brings and employee into limelight, enables him/her to stay ahead of others and boost career prospects.

It further recognizes deficiencies that can hamper the growth of a company. A successful skills gap analysis will provide a clear path for professional improvement, and increase chances of promotion for the concerned employee. This overall helps the organization, increases productivity, increases employee retention and boosts bottom-lines.

Written By: Faber Devna Chaturvedi

by Faber Infinite

Faber Infinite is an International Business Management Consulting Organization offering consulting solutions and services for Increase Profitability in Business.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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