Good Leader is a Good Listener

March 2, 2021by Faber Infinite

Employees always feel that their voices should be heard. They want to work with leaders who will not just hear them but listen to them. Leaders should become more mindful of the employees as the employees continuously keep seeking attention, feedback and support. Leaders should be good listeners to build efficient and effective teams. This Transformation Tuesday, let us look at different effective ways of listening that will help you get started:

Care for your team

When you empathize with your employees they work harder and aim to achieve beyond expectations. Employees always want leaders who care for them. Leaders should not consider their employees as resources or tools for the success of the organization. Employees should be considered as assets that have unique capabilities that are not necessarily limited to their job functions.

Employees want leaders who care about their wellbeing and whom they can depend on during times of hardship be it personal or professional.

Engage yourself

Leaders should engage themselves with the employees. When employees share opinions or ask for questions, leaders should encourage them to share more. When leaders engage themselves with their employees and follow up with them regularly, then employees feel that the leaders are listening to them.


Express your concern and show your employees that you can feel their frustration. Empathy is a very powerful tool to display listening. Great leaders know how to balance head and heart. Leaders should be approachable for those employees who need attention.

Don’t be judgemental

If the leader is judgemental, it means that the leader is not listening. Rather than judging leaders should learn from the employees in the team. Leaders should accept new ideas and methods, for that they must be active listeners and continuous learners.


Leaders should be mindful. They should know to read beyond verbal and nonverbal communication. Leaders who are mindful they are good listeners, and they engage in communication with the employees. Leaders are always observed by the employees. If they appear disconnected, they are perceived as not listening to them.

Do not interrupt

Leaders should not interrupt. They should establish two way communication. Good leaders do not interrupt the flow of thoughts of the employees because they know that with interruption comes disengagement. They gain respect from their employees by being a patient listener.

Leaders should focus on what the employees have to say. Team Leader should respect them employees. Leaders will automatically gain respect if they listen to the employees. So all the leaders should listen and become compassionate.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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