How Medals Are Won?

August 10, 2021by Faber Infinite

A great metamorphosis occurs when you commit to the process – never giving up, creatively overcoming setbacks and barriers, and attempting new techniques. You change as a result of the process. When it comes to winning, you see results, but you need to engage in a process when it comes to getting results.  So how do organizations get into this practice and training process and get the best results? This Transformation Tuesday, let us look at a few of the process strategies that organizations can follow:  

The process of sticking to standards & practice provides the finest in all sports, whether it’s team management like hockey or an individual sport like badminton. The best outcomes are achieved when practice and process are combined, and medals are bound to be won! 
Like sports, a well-defined process brings out the best in profitability and sustainability in any organization.

Old Paradigms

In several cases, the traditional age-old corporate approach has been that it didn’t matter how you did it, what you did it for, or when you did it; all that mattered was that you get the desired results. Several corporate leaders did follow this approach then; all they cared about was the result, no matter how it was achieved. However, you won’t receive the greatest outcomes unless you focus on the process of delivering results. 

Winning Paradigms

Process focus, practice, training & development, standardization, preparation, and results are all steps of the new process. This approach also allows you to learn from the greatest, perform at your best, and get the best results. Because if you’re going up against the top players on the planet, you’ll have to establish that you’re the best. Training & process focus becomes a way of life, which aids in winning Olympic medals or corporate life. Whether it was javelin throw or weightlifting or hockey, they won because they believed in their abilities & process focus!

The process focus can also be ascertained by the number of practice sessions, the country’s sports budget. One individual can still get 23 medals (larger than many countries total tally if the right ingredients and process steps are considered and one may also get kicked out from quarters due to lack of standards, processes & inadequate training. 

Similar parallels can be drawn to the corporate scenarios as well. All aspects of the organizational transformation journey, from the zero to the gold, are dependent on your operational excellence, process focus, coaching, and people development. The outcomes are determined by how diligently one follows the processes. The sustained standardized effort will only bring you closer to achieving your goal. 

Follow the process, results shall follow! Identifying goals and objectives, training, following the improvement roadmap, auditing, and having the right coaching will get you to where you belong.

Written By Faber Khushi Trivedi and Compiled By Faber Mayuri Pandya

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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