Importance of Organizational Change

Change is the need of the hour for every individual, every organization. Engaging in the same old methodology which is turning to be obsolete can lead to failure. This need to change is of highest priority. The failure in recognizing the very urgent requirement to change heads to many serious, critical problems. Change refers to bringing a shift in the way the activities are performed, work is done, problems are solved. Basically, a new approach to deal with everything which would give a positive and successful outcome. This process of change is not easy and is time- consuming but at the end of it, we realize that it was worth it.

How would change benefit organizations and employees? Here we bring few pointers indicating the benefits of a change culture in your organization:

Build up Competition:

Change can be big or small, easy or complex in an organization.  Change does not necessarily indicate a major transformation every time. But it can seriously help to build competition, which can help organizations progress and develop themselves. Without change, organizations would struggle to lift up themselves to face the competition put forward by their competitors. Example- When a particular organization changes its way of working and if it attracts more customers, the neighboring competitor will definitely observe the same and would try to bring a change in his usual form of working. Thus, here change plays a very positive role in building up competition which leads to a desire among organizations to develop themselves more than their competitors.

Bring Technological Advancement:

Technology plays a vital role in development of an organization. Change that results from the adoption of new technology is common in most organizations and while it can be disruptive at first, ultimately the change tends to increase productivity and service. To beat the competition, organizations can make use of new technologies. The same, old, obsolete ways of doing things would not work out when the competitors would be moving fast forward with new technologies.  It also enables employees to adopt the new technology and indirectly helps in growth of organization. For Example Toyota – the company to emulate in the automobile industry, it has emerged to become one of the most successful organizations in terms of establishing change management.

Develop Satisfied Customers: 

Adopting change in organizations can create a certain extent of dissatisfaction among employees and also among customers. But, once change brings in a favorable effect, customers and employees start accepting it. Eventually this change brings satisfied customers which inturn acts positively for customers. As always said, satisfied customer is a boon for every organization. Just a mere tweak in the strategy can do wonders for you. The most famous example being Google – The Google experience is a classic example of a company committed to wowing its customers based on consistent quality and constant innovation over the years.

Eventually, change plays a very positive role in building up competition which leads to a desire among organizations to develop themselves more than their competitors. Also change is an evitable, unavoidable part of any organization. Every organization strives to change and it eventually leads to business excellence.

Written By: Faber Ramya Pillai

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