Inspirational Life Lessons from IPL

October 13, 2020by Faber Infinite

The cheers and the music are back again with a lot of excitement. This is yet another season of the second highest paid league – Indian Premiere League (IPL). We are really stunned by the facts that Wikipedia has to offer about IPL. There is no greater delight for cricket fans to see great players share the same ground and screen.

Though all of us have different teams that we are supporting and want to win in the IPL, there are inspirational life lessons that we can learn from different players. We should learn and implement such life lessons to excel professionally as well as personally.

This Transformation Tuesday, let us look at the lessons we can learn from some of the top performers of IPL:

Virat Kohli

We all know him for his aggression. The amount of self – discipline that Kohli has, gives him confidence to use his aggression positively in the game on the field. Already being a best ODI (One Day International) player he always works on improving and being better than his own self. We should learn the self-discipline  and the urge to compete with the self and become the best version of himself/herself with each passing day.

MS Dhoni

The calm attitude of this player helps him to get through the toughest of the times. Being calm even under unmatched tension of the game has been the USP of this player. Even after numerous remarks on his fitness due to age, there has not been a single time when he failed to prove himself with a comeback. Always strving hard and not settling for something because it is an easy option is a life lesson to learn from MS. Dhoni. He believes – Keep Calm and Focus on your Goal. His calm and composed attitude helps him strategize better on the field.

AB De Villiers

He is a perfect example of determination, discipline and pushing ones limit such that everything appears like magic at one point in time. He is an all rounder and he has had a number of injuries in his career, but that has never stopped him from getting number of international records to his name. What we can learn from him is that there is no limit to what you can learn and master.

Hardik Pandya

Being true to your passion is what we can learn from him. He is a very keen and fast learner. Hardik Pandya teaches us that talent can only help us achieve short term goals if not matched with the eagerness to learn from experience. Many a times we get carried away with our initial success and do not put efforts to improve further. Hardik teaches us that passion is needed for success.

Shane Watson

If he fails with the bat, he proves himself with his balling. Whether batting or balling he always gives his best in the game. He believes that no one can control the results and it can only affect ones performance. Thinking about the results or outcomes can only consume our time and efforts, so it is not worth thinking. What is under control is the efforts that we put in and whether is the best that we can do.

Rishabh Pant

He denotes that age is just a number if you want to follow your passion. There are no defined rules, age or boundaries to when to start unless you know what you want to achieve. After all the negative reviews or comments that he received after the India Australia series, he showed that all the critics should be used to improve your skills and shape the game further. He has been passionate about his work. There was an instance when India had a match and his father expired but still, he did not miss the match. He teaches that do not let any event come in the way of your goals and passion to build a success story. He is a personification of motivational life lesson that if you have made your mind for something, you need to make every possible sacrifice and struggle to achieve it because no opportunity knocks your door twice.

Kane Williamson

He is a consistent player who has style and class. For him consistency is the key, and you cannot see a lot of variations in his performance graph. Learning from mistakes is another great learning from him. He also teaches us that you need to be agile and adaptable to the changing formats to be competitive. For him, every match is a learning be it a success or failure for his team. Even after his team loses a very important match, he accepts the defeat with grace only to learn from the mistakes that they have committed in the match.

Dwayne Bravo

He is a versatile player. He teaches us that you cannot be a jack of all trades. You need to focus on one thing at hand and master it. He also teaches that you practice and work hard right from the beginning then you can enjoy on the judgement day. This means that we should work on the projects from the beginning only then we can relax on the project delivery day. He keeps doing different dance moves, singing, cheering his team, boosting their confidence and all forms of enjoyment. This is the best quality to pick, we should enjoy what we are doing and take the whole team with us in the journey.

Yuvraj Singh

He is the one army of his team who would keep playing even after 9 wickets have been lost. He teaches us that we are not defeated until we decide to lose. He teaches us to play to win and not to finish the match. He has fought with cancer and in his case even cancer could not distract his from his goal. He teaches us that we should not find reasons for failure. We should work on our goals as nothing can come in the way of our success, until we allow it to come. He says you should fight to win, and you surely will win.

Rashid Khan

In case of Rahid Khan, we should learn that hard work will always pay. The journey of this spinner from rags to riches has been very hard.  He originally belongs to Afghanistan where cricket is not so popular. But still he did not give up on his passion. He has even lived in refugee camps during times of war. He had to shift to Pakistan for few years to take shelter when there was a lot of disturbance in his own country. He used to travel 50 kms from his home to practice cricket. Long story cut short, he has done a lot of hard work and has gone through a lot of struggle. Therefore, whenever you think of giving up you should not forget about all the hard work that you have put in. Things might not work right now but it will someday.

These are only a few that we thought of, but there is a lot to learn from everyone around. What is needed is the urge to accept and readiness to learn. Imbibing such qualities will help us move closer to our goal.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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