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July 21, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Leadership is one of the most important qualities that can keep an organization immune from various infections and problems. In the recently concluded FIFA World Cup, we got to see some exceptional leadership traits from Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. There were many lessons that were worth learning and glorified her role and image as a leader of the world.

In today’s contemporary industrial world, we really need to ingrain the below-mentioned leadership qualities in order to thrust the organization towards excellence and continual development.

  • Keep your team motivated

The leaders first and foremost responsibility is to keep the morale of the team high and positive. The Croatian president traveled day in and day out and still managed to take out time to cheer the Croatian national football team in every match they played. Even after the loss in the final, she kept aside her emotions and was trying to cheer Luka Modrić, the captain of the team.

  •  Lead from the front

A leader is supposed to lead the team from the front. He should be able to guide the team towards excellence and keep the balance of the team at the same time. It is very important to lead the side from the front and represent. The same character was displayed by Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović when she appeared cheering for the team in all the matches.

  • Eliminate position based differences

Position based differences are one of the most common causes of conflicts and chaos in any team. It is the leader’s responsibility to eliminate such differences and create an environment of equality among the team members. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović did the same and wore the Croatian jersey instead of her corporate clothes while cheering the national team. This displayed the kind of equality practices she follows in her daily routine.

  •  Understand your responsibilities and duties

A leader should always understand his duties and responsibilities and should carry them out before deadlines and must not compromise with the quality. The Croatian president managed to keep an eye on all the matters concerning national affairs and never overlooked them in any situation.

  • Never take advantage of your powers

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović refused to accept pay for the days she took off to cheer the national side. While traveling, she traveled through economy flights and cheered the national side while sitting in the public stands. She cheered the national team even in the rains without asking for an umbrella. This shows the kind of gratitude a leader must display. He should never start taking advantage of his powers for his benefits despite having a very high influence in the hierarchy.

  • Appreciate your competitor

It is important for a leader to appreciate his competitor. It establishes a humble image and showcases that you have accepted the defeat and will want to come back stronger after learning from your mistakes. The Croatian president did the same when she went and shook hands with the French national team members and officials after the loss in the FIFA World Cup final.

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