Leverage Value Stream Mapping to Maximize Value

April 25, 2023by Faber Infinite

Lean management strategies are being used by businesses and organisations to improve their performance as they deal with escalating competition and shifting client demands. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) tools can help your business generate greater value by cost optimization and process improvement. In this article, we will talk about Leverage Value Stream Mapping to Maximize Value.

Value stream mapping, however, is a powerful tool in the Lean Six Sigma toolkit. Which can improve the material velocity and production output phenomenally. The greatest value comes from understanding specific tools in terms of how they benefit organisations and within the framework of the LSS methodology. This is what makes a valuable addition that offers both the tools and the bigger context in which they are used to better lead LSS projects. 

Increase Value through Value Stream Mapping

  • promoting collaboration and transparent communication 
  • promoting an ongoing process improvement 
  • enabling organisational culture change 
  • producing visualisations of production limitations, surplus inventory, and delays 
  • improving material flow 

Lean and Six Sigma are currently applied in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and finance. There is a persistent need for professionals with expertise of these methodologies. 80–90% of the tasks in traditional business procedures are ineffective since they don’t add value for the client.

in order to identify, evaluate, and create value streams, as well as to reduce and eliminate waste. Faber Infinite Consulting has been deploying Value Stream Mapping (VSM) across various sectors. New and exciting prospects for synchronizing information flows, cutting lead times, and boosting adaptability and productivity in challenging circumstances are presented by digitization and Industry 4.0. 

Being a useful tool, Value Stream Mapping has assisted us in delivering our clients real outcomes. From the top provider of lighting solutions to the largest engineering firm to the top supplier to Indian Railways, Team Faber Infinite has been achieving outstanding outcomes at numerous client locations. 

The following are some unique advantages we delivered to clients from engineering industry.
  • Production/throughput increased by 23% 
  • Inventory reduction by 39% 
  • Increase in productivity by 31% 
  • Increase in component availability by 16%  
    • Decrease in the machine change over time by 30% 
  • Reduction in cycle time by 40% 
  • Increase in the value-added ratio by 100% 

With our value stream mapping 4.0 methodology, technology and consultants, we can create business processes that are more optimised. To reach the aim of continual improvement and sustainable development, we strongly believe in smart operational excellence frameworks and innovation and consistently promote the same across industries and sectors. 

Team Faber Infinite recently produced amazing results for several businesses, including the leading provider of lighting solutions, the biggest engineering firm, the main supplier to the Indian Railways, and many more! 

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