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Grow with Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

  • By faber
  • May 31, 2019

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) has been around since quite some time now, as a lean business practice tool. In recent times, it is evident that this tool has been helping organizations define and increase material velocity and eventually have a positive influence on customer experiences and profitability.

What is Value Stream Mapping?

Value Stream Mapping is a process that allows an in-depth visualization of all steps in one’s work process. It puts all the important steps on the display which are necessary to deliver the value from the beginning to the end.

It lets you visualize each and every task that a team works on and provides the status reports in a single glance about the progress of each task. The main objective of creating a value stream map is to check all those places where improvement in the process can be done by visualizing both the value-adding and wasteful steps.

Value Stream Mapping is a flowchart method to analyze, illustrate and improve the steps which are required to deliver a product or service. Like other kinds of flowcharts, it uses a system of symbols to represent different work activities and information flows. Value Stream Mapping is especially used to search and remove waste. Items are listed and mapped on the basis of adding value or not adding value from the customer’s standpoint, with the goal of rooting out items that don’t add value.

There are a lot of advantages of using Value Stream Mapping like; as it demands for mapping the process, it will help visualize where the shift in job occurs which discovers the bottlenecks of the process and comes up with ways to improve.

Mapping the process allows the organization to analyze its work process in depth and provides hints for places where the changes need to be incorporated for driving improvement in the way the work is done.

Faber Infinite Consulting has been helping clients from across 40 industries and has a vast experience of consulting and implementing solutions in all kinds of industries including engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical and much more. With spread across more than 12 regions, we have helped some of the world’s largest organizations with Value Stream Mapping. While being associated with these organizations, we have supported and successfully completed transformation journeys for organizations across industries and regions.

Some of the typical improvement areas are listed here:
  • Improvement in throughput (production output)
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduction in throughput time
  • Reduction in non-value adding activities
  • Reduction in distance traveled
  • Reduction in change over time
  • Improvement in production planning
  • Streamlining activities
Few of the tangible results delivered at client sites include:
  • Reduction in production throughput time by 46%
  • Reduction in distance traveled by 51%
  • Reduction in change over time of the machine by 50%
  • Reduction in cycle time was identified by 50%
  • Reduction in inventory by 39%
  • Improvement in productivity by 40%
  • Improvement in inventory management by 20%
  • Improvement in component by 16%
  • Improvement in indirect inputs by 21%
  • Improvement in the value-added ratio by 100%

No matter how traditional or fundamental tool – Value Stream Mapping. Is, it forms a base for further improvements in productivity and process flow. Team Faber Infinite Consulting has been an avid supporter across the industries and sectors. We have always believed in creating more optimized business processes with the help of our Value Stream Mapping approach and consultants. We believe in innovation and always support the same across industries and sectors to achieve their ultimate goal – continual improvement and sustainable development.

Recently, team Faber Infinite has delivered phenomenal results at several organizations – right from leading lighting solutions company to the largest engineering company to the leading supplier of Indian Railways and many more!

If you want to embark on the journey of excellence like other progressive organizations contact us at [email protected]

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