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New Year Resolution – Retrospect & Reevaluate

  • By faber
  • December 27, 2016

Yet another year draws to a close and it’s time to bring out our report card, to help assess our performance and to identify areas for improvement.This is the time when people enlist their Resolutions for the next year. Resolutions are not just meant for personal lives and personal attainment of goals but are equally applicable in an organization. Make a resolution to attain all or at least majority of the organizational objectives.

Make the most of it this New Year by knitting the employee goals to the goals of the company. Below are some pointers which may help to focus on alignment of employee goals and success for organizational success.

Conveying the organizational objectives 

The base towards employee development for organizational development is clearly defining the organizational goals. It individually helps them to gauge and predict their success rate in relation to the development of the organization. Employees who understand organizational objectives are much more likely to be engaged and actively working toward making a way for accomplishment of the company mission.

For instance- According to a report, 71 percent of respondents ranked employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success, whereas only 24 percent of respondents said employees in their organizations are highly engaged.

Set specific deadlines

Deadlines act as a motivator for employees to complete the work on time. Deadlines can either be set by the manager or by the employees themselves. But in the first case, the employees might feel the pressure and might not have the motivation to work. In the latter case the targets set by them would make them feel more motivated to work. But Deadlines set must be more realistic and achievable and not vague and tough to achieve.

 Creating Opportunities for Development

Employee Development is also an important aspect that needs to be considered for development of an organization. Effective training and development tools need to be introduced, workshops be organized for effective achievement of company goals. Training should be provided in relation to the tasks or departments handled by the employees.

For instance- Sales Training for sales department, Financial Training for Accounts and Finance Department.

Analyze Progress

Reviewing progress achieved by employees towards achievement of goals and how it bonds to company-wide progress is an essential part of the performance review. Constant review and feedback of employee performance is essential. This can also enable or create a platform for them to open with the managers, discuss the challenges faced by them and to come out with an effective solution for attaining their set targets. Also, maintaining transparency is very important to help the employees to know how successful they have been in attaining the set goals and how far they need to walk to accomplish the unaccomplished.

So, let these above pointers help all the managers out there make practical, attainable New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year and let all the employees gear themselves up to attain these set goals and lead their company to the path of success.

Happy New Year!!

Written By: Faber Ramya Pillai