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Operational Excellence – Foundation for Industry 4.0

  • By faber
  • May 31, 2019

Industry 4.0, a transformation which is highly spoken about in today’s era, is about to happen in a very short period. Which is why being prepared for the transformation is a need of the hour. Every progressive organization and its members at all the levels need to be prepared for this next phase of the industrial revolution. The best way to prepare for it is by working on strong foundations of Operational Excellence.

Industry 4.0 is definitely bound to roll out with a lot of changes and disruption. As this happens, the processes and equipment will need to be more operationally equipped to be able to support the way Industry 4.0 operates – which is why organizations need to gear up for establishing & strengthening Operational Excellence for successfully reaping benefits from Industry 4.0.

Operational Excellence:

Operational Excellence is the pursuit of conducting business in a manner that continuously improves the quality of goods and services, reduces costs, increases speed and enhances flexibility to achieve competitive superiority.

From a core manufacturing point of view, there are three pillars of operational excellence; they are production planning & control, manufacturing execution and operational effectiveness of people, processes and assets. Tight coordination among these three pillars is required in order to achieve overall operational excellence.

Now you might wonder how operational excellence is the foundation of Industry 4.0. Hence, to uncover this confusion, team Faber Infinite conducted a webinar on Operational Excellence – Foundation of Industry 4.0, which was attended by the top management of different organizations from engineering, pharmaceutical, textile, and much more. Glimpses of the webinar as mentioned below:

Agenda of the webinar:
  • Explain the foundations for Industry 4.0 for manufacturing organizations
  • Highlight the essential ingredients to be prepared
  • Demystify the ways and means to launch the journey to Industry 4.0
  • Clarify the results expected

The webinar was conducted by Mr. Aakash M Borse – Founding Partner & Director – Faber Infinite Consulting. In this webinar, he covered the following:

  • Making most of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart manufacturing
  • Challenges of IIoT and Smart Manufacturing and how to overcome them
  • The role of Operational Excellence, the potential of the IIoT, and how it enables smart manufacturing
  • How Operational Excellence helps to achieve benefits like – lower costs, more efficiency, easier inventory management, lower payback time, enhanced productivity and much more.

To know more about how this can be implemented and be beneficial for you, watch the webinar here: