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Operational Excellence

  • By Meera
  • May 1, 2024
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We Transform Organizations

Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better. To achieve excellence, continuous profit & growth, enhanced customer satisfaction is the key which can be achieved, if everyone in organization is performing Right Functions with Right Thinking and working in the Right Direction. But how to transform organizations and build a culture of excellence where people perform right functions with right thinking and work in the right direction? Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that organizational success depends primarily on three aspects of Strategy, Operations and Design; with limitless opportunities to improve the same. It is formed with sole purpose of crafting growth opportunities of any organization. Faber Infinite Consulting is one of the finest Management Consulting and Capacity Building organizations with expertise in helping our client companies’ implement Transformation (Change) Management systems in order to become more effective, efficient and flexible in their operations. We are committed to help our clients to build successful enterprise, always striving for excellence, by establishing a culture of strategic, operational & design excellence; in order to transform. We strongly believe that ‘One size doesn’t fit all.’ We don’t do ‘cookie cutter’. Our novel methodology of tailor made implementation approach for each organization helps companies to achieve continuous benefits and customer satisfaction through continual improvement. Our delivery is entirely focusing on the real place of action approach with real people and real problems in real time.
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Helping Clients Operate Better

Team Faber Infinite strongly believes that organizational success is primarily driven by the ‘People’ with focus on three aspects: Strategy, Operations and Design Excellence. ‘Operational Excellence’ is a key element for efficient and effective execution in any organization.

Operational Excellence is among one of the core areas focused on by Faber Infinite to help its clients operate better. Many organizations face problems in the field of operational activities. In the operational Excellence arena, Faber Infinite offers several customizable modules to build and sustain high performance teams.
Equipment Management
Equipment Management is as important as managing the manpower. Ensuring that equipment is up and ready for use and delivering at rated capacity and quality. This is one of the important factors for increasing productivity. This includes various pillars of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) like Autonomous Maintenance (AM), Planned Maintenance (PM) with measures like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma aims at maximizing customer value by waste reduction or elimination and by reducing the number of defects by solving problems effectively. Lean Six Sigma helps to increase the speed and effectiveness of processes thus leading to an increase in profits. Lean Six Sigma includes Total Quality Management (TQM), 7 QC Tools, Low Cost Automation, Poka Yoke, Six Sigma Achievement (DMAIC) etc.

Lean and Green
Lean and Green aims to promote organizations to move to an advanced level of sustainability, by implementation of measures which not only reduces cost but also helps to reduce the environmental pollution and load on the environment. It includes green value stream mapping. It also includes energy audit that will help to better utilize and optimize the use of resources.

Operational Excellence Foundation
Operational Excellence Foundation includes physical workplace improvement, awareness about waste elimination and understanding the basic stability of man, method, materials, and machines. Physical workplace improvement is all about Six S (Five S + Safety). Awareness about waste elimination includes the understanding of muda, mura and muri. The objective of OE foundations is to help the organization work on inefficiencies, stress, and variations.
Flow Management
Flow management includes improving flow via tools like Value Stream Mapping (VSM), line design or cellular layout, inventory management, Kanban, Quick Change Over or SMED, supply chain management, etc. The objective is to improve the flow of material and information to enhance the efficiencies. Tools like Value stream mapping includes current and future state maps, Line design includes line balancing and design, Cellular layout includes workstation design. Inventory management includes KANBAN, milk runs, supplier management etc.
Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering refers to restructuring or revamping the core business processes to achieve improvements in productivity. It involves business process mapping, putting standards and procedures in place and streamline the business flow.

Sustenance Management
All the above can be achieved, but what is important and difficult is making OE a part of organization’s culture. As the organizations start reaping gains with OE practices, it needs to understand that it is not a one-time process, it needs to be a continuous activity. It is easy to improve but difficult to sustain. 90% of the organizations which start structured improvement initiative complain that they do implement OE tools but sustenance has always been an issue. Faber Infinite helps the client with a tool that – Daily work Management (DWM) to solve this issue of sustenance. DWM has its roots and origin in the Japanese style of Management. It is an approach focused on retaining and improving the performance of a company on Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale.

Operational Excellence Focus

Team Faber Infinite is dedicated in assisting companies’ implement transformation systems in order to become more effective, efficient & flexible. The 360° Organizational Transformation Framework© is entirely focusing on the REAL PLACE approach with REAL PEOPLE and REAL PROBLEMS in REAL TIME. Our team bring in more than 350 years of cumulative experience, and have personally led several transformation initiatives in the past across different geographies in several sectors.

Theory Of Contraints

Theory of Constraints is a structured approach aimed at identifying, addressing, and ultimately eliminating the constraint that hinders an organization from reaching its goals. This methodology acknowledges that in any system or process, there exists a limiting factor that dictates the pace of progress. By addressing this constraint strategically, organizations can accelerate their journey toward success.

Operational Excellence Management and Manufacturing

  • By faber
  • September 28, 2012

Operational excellence is the pursuit of conducting business in a manner that continuously improves the quality of goods and services, reduces costs, increases speed and enhances flexibility to achieve competitive superiority.

From a core manufacturing point of view, there are three pillars of operational excellence; they are production planning & control, manufacturing execution and operational effectiveness of people, processes and assets. Tight coordination among these three pillars is required in order to achieve overall operational excellence.

Global competitiveness is placing tremendous pressure on cost, quality and responsiveness to customer demands. Some of the key challenges in the process industry are lack of visibility and control into manufacturing exceptions and events in real time and the inability to fulfill customer orders and carry out production operations in a predictable manner. Managers and production personnel cannot measure, monitor, and control performance in real time across people, processes, assets and plants.

Reports and surveys have identified following key pressures for process manufacturers:
  • Need to reduce operating costs
  • Need to reduce process operations variability
  • Global competition from low-cost sources
  • Regulatory compliance (FDA, EPA, OSHA, EU)
  • Inability to meet market demands
  • Need to improve brand value
  • Environmental impact
Operational Excellence in Manufacturing Industry

Operational Excellence is a systematic approach to attaining world class performance in productivity, quality and delivery of services and/or goods. It is the goal of achieving superior yields, lead time and through-put while eliminating waste.

Op. Ex. is surrounded around three main pillars:

Production Planning and Control

  • Monitor Demand
  • Monitor Inventory
  • Perform Material and Capacity Checks
  • Plan Orders
  • Align Production
  • Supplier Quality Checks
  • Track Deliveries against customer orders
Manufacturing Execution
  • Shop Floor Visibility
  • Shop Order Sequencing and Execution
  • Real Time Data Acquisition
  • Data Mining
  • Alarms and Alert Orders
  • Operational Effectiveness of people, processes and assets

Operational Excellence is not a destination it is a journey.

Faber Infinite’s focus on Operational Excellence empowers clients to build high-performance teams, foster a culture of continual improvement, and deliver value to customers.

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